Monday, September 17, 2012

U is for UCF Wreath, V is for Vera Bradley Lanyard, W is for Word Wall

I actually have pictures for all of these! And they're exciting! Yay!!

U is for UCF Wreath...

If you remember last Christmas, I made two gator rag wreaths as presents for my brother and Logan's parents.  Well, I finally decided it was time to make a UCF one.

I made it in the same way as the gator ones, but with black and gold material instead of blue and orange (of course).  To summarize, this is how you do it:

Get foam piping from the plumbing section at home depot.  Cut it in half.  Put it in a circle, duct tape.  Cover the circle in ribbon that matches what color you would like to make your wreath.  Hot glue.  Find fabric in different patterns of the colors you want (I scour the shirts at goodwill).  Cut into strips.  Tie each strip into a bow.  Hot glue randomly (but strategically) around the front of the base.  Add ribbon to the back.  Add painted wooded letters to the middle.
I think I'll add these to my etsy store!

V is for Vera Bradley Lanyard...

I was becoming a teacher, and every teacher needs a good lanyard.  As usual, I wanted a vera bradley lanyard, but I can rarely convince myself to spend almost $20 on such a simple item.  Then I saw this picture from twopeasinapoddesigns and realized... duh! I could make it for free!  Even better, I had this old vera bradley purse that I used EVERY DAY and Logan was on my case about.  Ok, the straps were a little ratty, and it had a few stains, but it was such a perfect purse! I couldn't imagine just throwing it away, so I thought I would use it for the greater good.

So I did it. I carefully ripped the seams of my favorite purse.  I was shocked to see that underneath the first layer of fabric, there was a good 6 inches of another layer of fabric that looked brand-new! YES! So, I easily cut it apart, made some strips, sewed them together, and now I have a lanyard!  I  don't know if the site had a tutorial, but I don't really think you need one, it's pretty simple!

W is for Word Wall...

Another classroom design.  I got this idea from somewhere on pinterest (sorry!) and thought it was adorable and went so well with my classroom theme.  It's a vine growing up to the sky (like jack in the beanstalk) and it says 'Grow with Words'.  Each letter is on top of a leaf, and the words are being stapled next to them.  All I did was roll up butcher paper and staple it on the wall, it couldn't have been easier!

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