Sunday, September 16, 2012

C is for Classroom

I'm a month into teaching, and I finally am getting around to showing off my fairy-tale classroom!! There will be more posts later into the alphabet update, but here are a few sneak peaks.

My desk: Fit for a queen (see my tiara?)  I just covered it in pink wrapping paper, added a bow, and stuck on my name.  It's so much prettier than the ugly grey desk it was before!  Surprisingly, that wrapping paper is still holding on, minus a few tears here and there.

My rules and consequences.  My rules banner (which I believe I  showed off before) is one of my favorite parts of the classroom.  Each 'flag' has a different rule, and they follow the acronym: HERO (Hands and feet to self, Everybody shows respect, Ready to learn, On-task).

Here's a view of my finished classroom right before meet the teacher!

This is another one of my favorite parts: On the back wall you'll see a dragon breathing fire.  The fire has six hooks to hang up student work, and the sign on the top says 'work on fire'.  Logan helped me out with this one :)

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