Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holiday Season Is Here...

My Christmas tree is officially up!!! And decorated, with lights and ornaments and everything. Yaay! Okay, so presents aren't under it yet, but wrapping all those delightful gifts I've made is a whole 'nother task to take on, for a different day.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, which meant that I got to take care of recipes # 23 and 24 of 100 on my recipe countdown.

The sweet potatoes turned out delicious, as usual.

I always seem to have a hard time cooking the potatoes and getting them soft though... it takes the longest time! Anyways, I love sweet potatoes and this is the dessert of sweet potatoes. We spent Thanksgiving over at some friends' house and my mom advised me to make two batches of this goodness. Well, due to the lack of people there and the massive amounts of food, only 1/2 of one batch got eaten. The other half went home to my parents, and the other whole went home with me. To eat by myself. Because Logan doesn't like sweet potatoes. I'm just acting upset about this one by the way.

The Corn on the Cob Cupcakes were a different story.

They (of course) didn't turn out as gorgeous as the ones in the picture, but they kind of got there. The problem I had was that the recipe called for jelly beans. First of all, they don't have white jelly beans, so I don't know where they got those from. Second of all, one three dollar bag of jelly beans had enough yellow jelly beans to cover three cupcakes. And I had 24 cupcakes. So there I was with one 'cob' finished, massive amounts of not-yellow jelly beans that I didn't want to eat, and 21 more cupcakes to bean. Off I went, on Thanksgiving day, to Walgreens to find more jelly beans. I was toying with various ideas, including actually buying $21 in jelly beans, using skittles instead if they were cheaper, or just keeping one cob. When I got to Walgreens, I found bags of Lemon Head candies which were all yellow, so I bought those. They are so sour! So I was able to finish my cupcakes, but they ended up being yellow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sour candies on top. Hmmm... must think these things through.

As for Christmas presents I have completed in the last week, I am extremely proud to show off my Gator Rag Wreath for my brother.

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. It is definitely I saw this picture on pinterest and just knew I had to make it, but of course the one on pinterest is some $40 wreath that they want me to buy, so of course they aren't going to give me instructions on how to make it. So I was left to being creative. I looked around the internet and found a few tutorials for ribbon wreaths that just involved buying a bunch of ribbon, tying it in bows, and gluing it on the wreath. So I bought lots of ribbon. And spent $25. I just told myself to suck it up. Looking at the picture again, I realized that it wasn't ribbon, it was pieces of material. I then found tutorials online for rag wreaths. Score! I'll use fabric instead! It was a genius plan... I headed to goodwill and spent about $10 on a variety of blue and orange shirts with different patterns. I then merged the two ideas (see... creativity!) and cut strips of material, tied bows, and glued them on around the styrofoam piping I am growing so fond of.
To make the 'F' in the middle, I bought a $1 wooden F at Joann's and painted it blue. I then had to use my creativity (again!) to figure out how I was going to add perfect dots in orange. I decided to put the glue in a mini plastic baggie, cut a hole, and dollop as if I were icing a cupcake. It worked perfectly, and I have a designer-looking wreath that my brother will LOVE when he gets it for his birthday (he better love it!). I'm tempted to make more of these since I still have fabric left over!

Total cost for this project: $10 in clothes from goodwill, $1 wooden letter, $2 orange paint = $13.

Next, I made a bookmark for my mom inspired by this picture found on pinterest. The one there was made from clay, but I'm not quite that adventurous, so I thought and thought about what I could use to make the legs. Finally, I ran off to Goodwill and bought a naked, chewed up Pocahontas Barbie doll for $0.80 and I cut off her legs (which was much harder that it seems due to the plastic boning inside the legs). I thought it would be as easy as painting the legs with paint, but my acrylic paint wouldn't stick to that shiny Barbie plastic. Attempting to complete this project without getting up from my desk, I grabbed the white-out, covered the legs completely in white-out, then colored lines on in Sharpie. I added yellow cardstock to a nitch dug out of the legs and wrote a quote from the movie on it. I then had to brainstorm for a few more days about how I was going to make the sparkly shoes, and finally ended up spreading glue around the shoe part with my finger, then pouring red sparkles over the top. Simple! I had to keep it all on, though, so I dug around my craft box for something I could coat it all with. I found spray adhesive and tried it out. Fail. I couldn't figure out why the legs got all sticky and the sharpie was running until I realized, spray adhesive. Like, glue. Duuuh. Finally, I went to the garage and gave the bookmark a coat of clear spray paint. Worked like magic.

Total cost for this gift: $1 for Barbie, $1 for sparkles = $2

The final project I completed this week (only THREE projects this week... but like 5 recipes so I'm still on track) was one of my picture frame earring holders for my brother's girlfriend. I made this one a little nicer than the other ones I've made by sewing ribbon around the outside and adding adorable little fabric flowers. I then added a picture in the picture frame of her and my brother in London. Thank you, Facebook for making other people's pictures easily accessible to print and do with what I would like. I then popped by Claire's and bought some earrings to add to it so that she would know what it was (I hate that embarrassing... "Aww, cute! What is it?).

Total cost for this gift: $3 for frame, $2 for picture, $3 for earrings = $8

Oh! I almost forgot... I went to craft club with my mom at her friends' place last weekend and made three adorable crafts (so that's 6 crafts this week... ha!). We made little baskets, and two thanksgiving cards. Susie is a wonderful crafter with her own craft room. I would send you over to her blog, but she messed it all up and I can't get to it, so I'll have to send you there another time.

The best part was that Susie and I got to talk about pinterest and weddings the whole time, and she leant me her crock pot as I was leaving!! Woot!

I guess that's about it for now, look forward to seeing some Aprons, sea creature ornaments, delicious recipes, and more christmas gifts on here soon!

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