Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft of the Day: Hanging Folder Organizer Take 2

So, remember just a few days ago when I said that I might make another Hanging Folder Organizer for my mom for Christmas?


wah lah. (That's the first time I've ever spelled that... is it right?)

I made a new, better, improved version of the hanging folder organizer from Remarkable Home's Blog that is actually fit for an acceptable Christmas present.

Not only that, but I also remembered to take pictures so I could make a tutorial for you!

Here it is...

Folder organizer

Please realize that this is not my original idea. It is all from ReMarkable Home.

Total cost of this project: $5 for scrapbook paper and $1.50 for laminating (I used the laminator at school for $0.50 a foot).

Alright, you can stop reading now unless you are bored and satisfied with listening to my rambling.

Notice the title of this post? Craft of the Day:
It was not too long ago when I had a craft of the week. Then I started having more than one craft a week and joked about calling them the 'crafts of the day'. Back then, I never thought I would actually be that sad.

Now, I not only have a craft of the day each day, I have multiple things that I create or start or complete. Example: yesterday I made Bill the Chill Pill and started knitting an ear warmer.
Today, I glittered the feet for my mom's wicked witch bookmark, made a second Hanging Folder Organizer, and bought the supplies to make my brother a Gator Wreath, his girlfriend an earring holder, sweet potatoes for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and fabric to make a new apron for my friend.

Here's to incompleted projects!!!!

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