Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Adorableness

So, about five months ago I received an invitation to a baby shower for my friend. The first thing I thought was: "What can I make????" It was my first baby shower. Ever. I had to go all out. So I spent hours, and hours, and hours making the following gifts:

Pacifier Clips Using Ribbon, Chip Clips, and Hair ties.

A newborn beanie using this pattern (which I later recreated for my dad's Bronco/Gator Beanie).
The flower is a rolled flower from a tshirt.

A bouquet of baby washcloths and socks using this tutorial.

A silk and cotton hand-embroidered baby blanket using this tutorial.

And washcloths and burp cloths to match using this tutorial!

I couldn't have asked for a better reaction at the baby shower... it definitely made me feel that the time I put in to the gifts was worth it.

So, now the baby's born and I just couldn't resist doing a few more things for her. I'm going to put it together in a baby package and maybe add this adorable baby Diaper Carriage and some gifts for the mommy. So here's what I made!!!

A "Little Black Dress" Onesie inspired by pinterest of course. All I did was add tulle ruffles very close together to the bottom of a onesie then use paint and gems. Oh, and I had to dye the onesie, which was fun to experiment with. Apparently they don't sell black onesies.

And even better and which I like FAR more... the pearl necklace onesie! I think it's just too adorable... and SO easy to make! Just fabric paint in circles. Inspired by more pinterest and this blog. I made the flower out of lace with a pearl in the middle.

Here are both of the onesies together.

The dying turned into an extravaganza where I wanted to see what else I could dye. I ended up dying three more shirts before I finally gave up.

This was a plain white tank that I was going to throw out anyways, so I thought I would try this out instead. I just wrapped a few rubber bands around it and put it halfway in the dye bucket. The dye just crept up through the fabric and gave it this look.

This was my favorite shirt ever, it was a gorgeous white flowy shirt that just happened to get soap stains on it from the laundry that wouldn't come out. Now it's... blue? (It was black dye... hmmm...) The only problem is I can't wear it with jeans any more! :(

And this was a light pink shirt with stains on it.

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