Monday, November 7, 2011

Knitting Galore

Since Halloween, I've made plenty of progress on my Christmas gifts! I want to share them all, but this blog is incredibly irritating in adding pictures, so I'm breaking it up into a few posts... the first one being my knit gifts!!

We'll start with the hedgehog. Ohhh the hedgehog. Long story short, I got my boyfriend a hedgehog. Like, a real one. Instead of a loving and adoring pet, it has kind of turned into a big inside joke. It's a really sweet animal, he just doesn't understand why I got him a hedgehog.

So I found this knitting pattern on etsy to make a hedgehog. My first etsy purchase! It was actually really easy, it only took a few hours, but turned out close to nothing like the picture in the shop.
I was still proud because I made progress in knitting something that wasn't a straight line, but I believe I could have improved with smaller needles (bought some at Joanns last week... check!) and more stuffing... maybe different yarn for the face. Anyways, here's the knit hedgehog!!

I do like that I used the fuzzy yarn for the body... it reminds me more of the spikes of Heidi the Hedgehog. And (bonus!) I went through an obsession with making scarves out of this kind of yarn when I first learned to knit, so I have tons left over. I don't know, it's kinda cute and cuddly right?

Total cost of hedgehog: Less than $2 for pattern (already had yarn, need

les, and stuffing)!!

Next I have the hat. I'm actually very proud of the hat. I was trying to decide what to make my dad for Christmas. I decided that since I can knit a baby beanie, I can just double the pattern and make a beanie that will fit my dad. Although this seemed way to logical to work, it actually ended up being okay! The top is a little bulkier than the baby beanie because of the mass amounts of yarn and the size, but it looks fine when worn on the back of the head. It was originally supposed to be a hat to wear to our Bronco's game on

New Year's Day, but it was just too great that the colors ended up being the same as the Gator's. When I finished the hat and realized that 1) It needed to be folded up to have a lip for it to fit and 2) it could be reversible, I had this great idea to make a reversible Gator/Bronco's hat. So I painted the two mascots on some spare fabric and hot glued them to each side of the hat. It worked out great! I'm excited to see if he likes it (and if he will actually wear it!)

So I got crap for not looking at the camera when I took this picture. Logan said I looked like I was taking myspace pics, and my friend said I was modeling. I just wanted you to focus on the hat, not my beautiful eyes ;)

Total cost of this project: About $6 (for yarn)

Aaaand finally... I have the tea cozy. (Ps. How are you supposed to spell the word?). I found the really cute idea from pinterest of course! The only problem was I was too untalented to follow any pattern and too lazy to go downstairs to actually measure a tea cup, so it ended up being larger than I thought. I went out and bought a bigger mug for it to fit around, but it stretches really easily. It turned out alright... another gift for the father.

My favorite part of this cozy over others I saw was the little tea bag hanging down.

Total cost of this project: $3 for the mug.

So those are all my knit christmas projects for now... I'm planning on making an ear warmer for my mom but I'm not sure if it will be knitted or sewn. Check back soon for more of my adventures!

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