Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hedgehog Redecorations

Remember the Heidi the Hedgehog? Well after I found her shivering one morning and remembered reading about how hedgehogs have to be kept at a certain temperature to keep from going into hibernation during the winter, I moved her back to my house (from my boyfriend's) and set to crafting right away!

First I made her a hedgie bag. I just took fleece I had left over from the inside of an old sweatshirt to make the lining of the bag, and the pink shiny material left over from the horrible skirt-making disaster at Halloween for the outside. I then used an extra piece of the fleece to make a little bow for the top.

Heidi loves her little hedgie bag. Anytime I put it in her little cage, she runs right in there and sleeps all day.

I also had to find a solution for her cage. We have her in a big plastic tub from target, but never seal the lid so that she has air. Somehow, when we leave the lid off, she happens to find a way out and a place to hide that requires saving immediately. While thinking about poking holes or cutting squares, I realized that I could just cut out a square and add screen (porch screen) to the inside. It worked out perfectly! Now I don't have to worry about her escaping OR not getting enough air.

(I put ribbon on the inside where I glued it to cover the ugly glue and fortify).

Next up... as soon as I get her litter box trained (YES it's possible...) then I am going to replace the wood chips with felt bottoms that fit the cage.

Heidi after a bath :)

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