Thursday, April 11, 2013

Engagement Party!

Last month, Logan and I had a lovely gathering of some close friends and family to celebrate our engagement.  The whole process was a bunch of work to prepare for, and the party itself gave us a glimpse into the way the bride and groom feel at the wedding.

My parents hosted the party at their house, and we had heavy hors d'oeurves for 40 people. That was a lot of food. That was a lot of work.

I also planned some games to keep people from getting bored or socially awkward and I made some decorations that I had been itching to have an occasion for.

This was the result!

For our invitation we had our roommate come with us out to a nature trail and just snap some informal pictures. Then I went all photoshop-ninja on them and made them look semi-decent. Here were some of the results:



Before:  After: 

Here are some other favorites:


And some that belong to


Anyways, I used some of those pictures to create this engagement party invite on Microsoft Publisher:

And this informal engagement announcement:

I planned a few games that people could play on their own throughout the evening and some that the groups would play together.

1. Bride and Groom Trivia:
Our group of friends is pretty into bar trivia, so we created a game of trivia that was all based on Amy and Logan.
Here were some of the questions:
How tall is Logan to the nearest inch?
How tall is Amy to the nearest inch?
What NFL game have they been to together?
What breed of dog do they own?
How long passed between when they met and when they started dating?
Name three cities Amy has lived in.
Where did they go on their first date?
How many pets have they owned together? What are their names?
What city was Logan born in?
Where does Amy work?
Where did they go on their first flight together?
How many countries have they been in together?
First  movie they watched together?
Groom's middle name?
Bride's middle name?
What high school did Amy graduate from?
What is Amy's birthday?
What is Amy's secret talent?
What high school did Logan graduate from?
What is Logan's birthday?
What side of the bed does Logan sleep on?
What is their song?
What are their respective shoe sizes?
What is their favorite restaurant?
Where did they first have breakfast together?
What kind of cut is the center diamond in Amy's engagement ring?

We also pre-grouped people to mix up the groups (we figured the parents would automatically group together which wouldn't be fair) but everyone had just finished eating and were still in their seats so we just went with the groups they were in and kind of moved people around.

2. Birthday Calendar
Next, I bought this Paris calendar online and had a place where people could sign their name on their birthday so that we could always remember their special date :)

3. Getting to Know You Pin Game
I saw this version of the classic baby shower game here , where everyone pins a clothespin on their shirt when they walk in the door and they are forbidden to say certain words as they walk around and mingle.  Our forbidden words were 'bride' 'groom' and 'wedding'.  If anyone said these words, the person they are talking to get to steal their pin.

I found this as the perfect opportunity to paint bride and groom clothespins seen on etsy.
"How hard could it be?"
... famous last words.
These freaking clothespins took so long and made me so angry as I painted each side, let it dry, painted the other side, let it dry, add one color detail, add another color detail, add another color detail, let it dry, flip, repeat. 36 times. Maybe my patience has been compromised after so many hours of crafting... but they turned out cute!

The sign that I used to label them said:
"Grab a clothespin, don't be shy!
For this game you'll have to be so sly.
Pin it on your top or shirt,
Walk around and talk or flirt.
If someone says "wedding," "bride," or "groom,"
Take their pin - they've met their doom.
The winner is the person who
Has the most pins through and through."

4. Picture Sort
I made this game up myself when realizing how many pictures we had together and thought it could be a fun game.  I chose a bunch of pictures from different time periods in our relationship and put letters by each one.  The game was that people had to look at the pictures and put them in chronological order. I made sure to put clues in the pictures, such as pictures from different halloweens when we were in different memorable costumes, pictures where Logan had broken his ankle then where he had it in a boot, pictures from his and my graduation, pictures when we got new pets, and so on.  This ended up being a REALLY hard game, so if I were to do it again I would probably only use 10 pictures or so.  It was a cool game for our friends because a lot of the pictures were from events they were a part of as well (New Year's Eve, Logan's ankle breaking, my 21st birthday party, Halloweens, and our friends' wedding).

5. Wine Bottle Dedication
In brainstorming what we should write on the invitation to solve the 'gift dilemma' (we didn't expect people to bring gifts but knew some people awkward arriving empty-handed) my mom suggested an idea I have seen on pinterest a few times of every guest bringing a bottle of wine and writing a nice note on the bottle to say when the couple should open it.  This turned out really cute and everyone brought a bottle of wine so we have quite a collection now! A lot of people thought of really clever times to drink it too, so it's something to look forward to. I was worried about where we would keep the wine before we drank it, but we use it as decoration in our house now.  I was also worried about everyone putting like '50 year anniversary' and us having to keep track of this bottle for 50-something years, but luckily only one person put '25 year anniversary' and he knew he was being a smart-ass when he did it.

This was our entrance table where people could add labels to their wine bottles and grab their clothespins.

And this is our lovely wine collection!  See the adorable 'G' our roommate made us? It's adorable!! Also, that bag on the right that looks like an average black purse is really AN INSULATED WINE PURSE TO HOLD YOUR BOTTLE OF WINE. Best. Invention. Ever.

*Some other games that I had planned/been considering but we didn't do include:
·         Ice Ring Making - Instructions: Hand each guest an ice cube and a knife. Explain the objective and rules of the game. Set the timer for 5 minuets and say "Go". Each guest has 10 mins to complete their engagement ring. The couple will judge the best ring.
·         Wedding Pictionary – use a dry erase board and make the bride and groom compete.  Everything drawn is movies that involve weddings or engagements (27 dresses, while you were sleeping, my best friend’s wedding, etc). Choose other couples to compete.
·         Diamond Ice Carving
·         Wedding PracticeTreat your bride and groom to a little taste of what’s to come in the coming months full of stressful decision making and practice for a ceremony in front of all of their friends and family. Challenge the couple to complete tasks that they’ll become very familiar with in the next few months, such as the wedding gown, tux or wedding cake. See who can dress in a wedding gown or tux the fastest. For real fun, ask the bride to get dressed in the tux and ask the groom to wear the gown. For something a little more messy, see who can cut a cake the fastest.
·         Share memories of couple
·         Name Words
·         That’ll Cost You - Ask each guest to bring a small, inexpensive present to your party wrapped. Set a dollar limit for them to spend and tell them to buy something funny that goes with the wedding or engagement theme. For every guest that brings a present, give them fake money that they can use to bid for other wrapped gifts. For great fun and laughs, make everyone open their gifts while at the party so that everyone can enjoy watching your five-year-old cousin open a wedding survival kit!
·         The Picture Match Game
·         The Happy Couple Game

Again, the decorations were a time when I could use all of my stored up pinterest ideas. 

1. Golf Tee Balloons
I attempted to do that really cool thing where you pin balloons to the ground using golf tees so they float to line your yard or driveway. Well, there was a little wind (really, just a little) and the balloons automatically flopped over and looked NOTHING like this picture:
... and it wasn't long before they were flying away and were a lost cause. Pinterest. Fail.

2. Tissue Paper PomPom Garland
I made this tissue paper pompom garland. I love tissue paper pompoms, and I love the way this garland looks. I made two and hung them from the window.

3. Door Wreath
My mom found this Valentine's day wreath on clearance, I hot glued some beads on it and added our picture to the middle to hang on the front door. Voila!

4. Plastic Spoon Roses
I saw this idea on Railsberry and spent a few hours putting together these adorable flowers.  Except I didn't read that part where it said flameless candles and got super irritated when the spoons and fake flowers were melting. Yes, I did think about it melting before, but this was after I saw the price of a pack of flameless candles and decided it was worth not lighting the candles.  So anyways, here they are:

Other decorations included tablecloths, lots of balloons, an attempt at a floating flower wreath that I didn't get a picture of, we put a bunch of balloons in the pool, put pictures and candles around, spread little hearts on the tables, put little centerpieces on the tables. Oh, and of course the decorations that Kelly had made us on our return from Europe!

I'm getting tired, I've been working on this for hours, and have already talked about the food I made, so this will be brief.

Our food consisted of:
Pinwheels from Costco
Shrimp & dip in individual cups
Pasta salad kabobs
Logan's mom made Crawfish dip and jalepeno poppers... yum!

Hmmm... there were a few other things too but I'm having a hard time remembering.

Oh. A chocolate fountain.

And Logan's sister made us a delicious peanut butter cup cake to top it all off! Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy my cake because I spent the whole evening hopping up to socialize.

 I think that's it for tonight, but tomorrow I will try to post about my bridesmaids boxes and flower girl box. Oh wait, no I won't because I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert. Saturday, then. Oh wait, I'm going to Disney! I guess I'll get around to it sometime in my exciting weekend!

<3 Amy

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  1. Aww! I love such photoshoots, even I am planning to get one for my wedding. You guys look so cute together. I am also going to look for one of the LA venues like this for my photoshoot. The photographer has captured these moments beautifully.