Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Atlanta Braves Cozy Coupe Makeover

So the beginning of October was our friend's baby's birthday... he turned 1!  Roommate and I wanted to do something fun for him, and really liked the idea of painting a cozy coupe.

We went through many ideas, including turning it into a car from the movie Cars, a cop car, and a golf cart, but finally decided on making a baseball-mobile celebrating the Atlanta Braves (daddy's favorite team) inspired by babble.

This was our car before (we found it on craigslist for $20):

We took it apart, and spray-painted the bottom navy blue and the top white. We used Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint because reviews online said it was the only one that would stay on.  We used a whole can of white and a whole can of blue... but it was close.

I painted an Atlanta A on each door...

And roommate printed and mod-podged a front and back license plate:

(How cute is that back one!?)

Finally, I hand-painted baseball laces to the top. We waited 2 days for it to dry before putting it all back together. Online, it says you're supposed to wait a whole week before using it, but our planning took 2 whole weeks so that wasn't happening.

(Headlights are hand-painted)

Funny story - we just placed the wheel bar that we removed for painting underneath while it dried. Rolling it out the door on the way to the party, roommate picked up the car and the wheels fell off - this is when we realized we never snapped it back in.
No big deal, we'll do it now.
NOT. We pushed, we hammered, and pulled, we put all of both of our weight on the wheels and they would NOT snap back in.

But we were getting late, so we put in in the car and decided to do research on the way.

Well, the 'research' was depressing.

It doesn't happen. To put the wheels back on, you have to remove the red piece on the end, and that includes destroying it.

Plan B: Sneakily pull daddy away and have him help us put the wheels back on.

One more attempt in the trunk of the car right before we walked into the party FINALLY proved successful, and nobody has to know!

If you guys are reading this now... 


  1. How has the paint held up ?

  2. What did you paint the A and the laces with?