Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Weekend Has Begun

Friday morning, 10:30am and my Halloween weekend extravaganza is already in full swing. Why, you might ask?

Let's talk about work.

Yesterday, 8am. Worked the Teenie Weenie Halloween party for the city of Oviedo. It was a little Halloween even for children under 5. I got to ride on the hayride and read stories. I could do that. The best part was, of course, getting to hold a co-worker's month-old baby as she ran around catching up. *Sigh*
Finished with that at 1. Where to next? Goodwill and Joanns of course! So that takes two hours and I pick up last minute Halloween stiff and supplies to begin more crafts (hurray!) I get a break from 3-4 to attempt to clean my house and put away groceries, but have sushi with the boyfriend at 4 and work again from 5-7:30. I get home and think it's finally time to relax when my boyfriend strolls in and says we're supposed to leave for a Halloween party at 8.

Maybe one day he will figure out that I need notice for stuff like this.

So there I am, attempting to look semi-decent after a long day while squeezing into an asian-sized corset and in the process trying to put together Logan's costume too.
For the record, I started nagging gently reminding him about his costume a month and a half ago so that I would none rushing and scrambling the night of a party to help get his costume together. *I will not say I told you so, I will not say I told you so*

Of course, I end up being painfully uncomfortable in my corset, attempting to paint and hot glue his Luigi hat together, getting fabric paint all over myself and the floor (not the carpet though, whew!), and just making myself extremely grumpy in the process.

Well, the party we went to was fun but halfway through we realized that everyone was, umm, into same sex relationships. Didn't see that coming. Not that the gay sailors fawning over our costumes ("OH MY GOD... YOU TWO are just TOOOO CUUUUTE!!!") was anything to run away from... At least our costumes were a success! So this morning I got called in to answer phones at the front desk of Riverside before our haunted house tonight. And oh boy, are the phone calls just... Trickling in. So poor bookless me has decided to create my daily blog post through a word doc on my phone to transfer over later. Don't judge, I'm bored.

Anyways, I have the other half of my weekend to look forward to. Not only did I have to work at 9am this morning (until God knows when), I have to be back from 2-11 tonight to work the haunted house. Then it's time to rush home to squeeze back into my costume for party number 2. Tomorrow I have to be BACK at work from 3-11 (which means I miss UCF's homecoming football game for the second year in a row) for the second night of the haunted house. Then I have to get ready for the important party of the year (my boyfriend's of course...)

Anyways, enough complaining. You can start actually reading now. I'm done with my rant.

Let me share what I have been doing the past few days.
When I was at GoodWill, I found wine glasses from a set for $1 each, so I bought 6. I'll use these wine glasses to make these great chalkboard wine glasses - I'll give 2 to Tiffany and Tye and 4 to my parents, accompanied by a little lace baggie with chalk in them. In my mind it will be adorable. I also went to Home Depot (ugh) and got grout because I found that you can make your own chalkboard pa
int out of grout and paint. Score! I can't wait to start that project, hopefully tomorrow!

Total spending for Wine Glass project: $6 for wine glasses, $6 for grout, $1 for chalk = $13

Anyways, at Michael's I got one of the clear ornaments so I could make this Wedding Invitation Ornament for Melissa and Juan. It turned out great!!

All I need to finish on this is putting black ribbon on the top to hold it (I only have pipe cleaners). I love how the ribbons correspond with the wedding colors (black and red) and you can see them in the invitation. I was a little weary about cutting up the invitation so I scanned it first, but I really like how it turned out. I think I'll do this with Emily's baby shower invitation too!

Total cost for this project: $1 (for ornament)

Oh, I also finished my mom's tea wreath!!!

What else have I been doing craft-wise? I started my dad's beanie for the Bronco's game. It's about halfway done now, it doesn't look too bad. I'm hoping it turns out alright.

I helped Logan make a pinata for his party today... we just paper-mached a balloon. Hopefully he can handle putting the candy inside, taping up the top, and putting crepe paper and eyes on to make a ghost. We'll see!

I think that's about it for me! I'm going to go see what I can get done in half an hour before work :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Halloween is almost here, which gave me an excuse to make a costume!

Okay, I wanted to make a costume really bad, but I haven't been brave enough to begin working out the intricacies of making a corset (crafting bucket list!) so I found a corset, which just happened to come with a petticoat, on ebay from seller bidismore:

It was an adorable little ensemble, and I only paid $25 after shipping, which was the big purchase for this costume. Unfortunately, the picture
doesn't show that the white petticoat is see-through, so I had to find a skirt
to go over it. After attempting to make the perfect skirt (cost - $5 of fabric from joanns), I ended up with a sad looking, overly modest version of what I wanted. Instead, I found this baby at goodwill for about $2.

I was then FINALLY able to craft, and made a wand and a crown.

For the wand, I just used yellow felt ($0.60) with polyfil, which I already had. I painted on the eyes with fabric paint that I already had. I used a dowel stick left over from my musical pumpkin coach and painted it gold with spray paint I already had. I then added gold ribbon (again, already had).

For the crown, I used the same yellow felt ($0.60), with blue and red felt for the jewels ($0.60).
I was playing around with cardboard to help it stand up, when I realized I could just use yellow cardstock, and it worked perfectly! Originally, I had made a crown that covered my whole head and was really crown-sized, but it looked big and dramatic and I knew it would take away from the cuteness and sexiness of my costume. Instead, I made a smaller version, about half the size, and glued it to a headband I had left over from a project a few months ago.

Finally, I added these fantastic pumps I bought after a breakup a few years ago and wore once:

And added these gloves from the dollar store as a final touch:

The final product (drum roll please):

A fantastically sexy Princess Peach!!!

Why Princess Peach? Yes, I played my share of Mario Kart as a child, but I never had the obsession over the characters that others had. My reasons for being Princess Peach are as follows:

1. It was an excuse to be a princess. I love Disney, and I always want to be a princess. Last year I was Minnie Mouse (again, a sexy Minnie!) but I decided Disney two years in a row would give me a bad rep. So, this was a compromise... I could still be a princess!

2. I love pink. I don't know if you could tell from my pictures, but I love pink. Seriously. I wear pink every day. When my friend pointed this out to me when we were on vacation in New York, I told her it's so that my fans will recognize me when they see me on the street, but after she said it I realized how much it is true. It's the clothes, and the nails, and the phone, and the accessories. It's all pink. I'm a pink girl, and this is the perfect costume for me.

3. I was determined to get my boyfriend to do a couple's costume with my this year. Our first year together, I was a cop and he was a prisoner. Cute, but we were still in that 'cute' stage. Last year, he refused to be Mickey or anything to do with that, and ended up wearing his work uniform to the party and going as a security guard (lame). This year, I asked him if he would be Luigi (I know he's wanted to do that for the past few years) and I know he loves Luigi, we'll just see if it works out. Let's see, today is Wednesday, his party is Saturday, and so far he has a mustache and white gloves (both of which I bought for him)... this should be interesting.

So, that is it, my Halloween 2011 saga!

Oh, I almost forgot, let's see how I much I ended up spending on this costume:
$35. Not bad, not fantastic, but wonderfully adorable.

Now someone just needs to throw a '90's party so I can reuse the costume :)

Christmas Challenge

Due to my constant crafting lately and my production of adorable, though essentially meaningless items, I decided that I would fulfill my crafting itch by devoting all of my crafting time to making handmade Christmas gifts. I decided on a Christmas gift challenge... all of my Christmas gifts would have to be homemade. Could I do it?

I soon found that the hardest part would be coming up with the ideas.

Sure, it's a great idea for my friends, my mother, the children I babysit for. Then I came to my brother. Young, engineer, recently moved to Boston, essentially dorky. After finding an old computer keyboard at a garage sale for 25cents, I decided I would use it to make him a wallet from the inside of a computer keyboard and computer key magnets. Not sure what else to do, but I'm sure I'll find something. The challenge is my father. Runner, biker, swimmer, technological, tea-drinker, handyman. The only things I have come up with for him are a tea coozie like the one found here on etsy, and a Broncos colored beanie for the Bronco's game we are going to on New Years Day in Denver. I bought the yarn, but am apprehensive about starting the beanie just yet. I made an adorable newborn beanie a few months ago for my friend's baby shower and was amazed at how simple and how little time it took. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how that same pattern will translate to a grown-man beanie and if I will be able to do it without venturing into circular knitting needles (unknown territory). We'll see how it goes. Any ideas for other father-related gifts please let me know! I'm thinking... tool belt? I don't know!

So just to keep track, so far I have taken care of a wallet for my brother

$0.25 for the computer keyboard, already had the tape
$1.00 to put in the wallet to show what it is

And the magnets I will soon be finishing
$0.75 for the magnet backing, using the keys from the previously mentioned keyboard

I have also made some adorable kitchen utensil holders for a girlfriend that cost a total of:
$1.50 for the containers (popcorn containers from target), already had spray paint and lace
$1.50 for black acrylic paint to cover cracks :(
Will post pictures soon!

I have purchased the materials for the tea wreath for my mom...
$1.80 in scrapbook paper, already had cardboard and clothes pins

Grand total in Christmas presents so far:

Finally, I come to the ultimate challenge: the boyfriend.
WHAT can I handmake my football-watching, designer loving, athletic, cop-being, boyfriend? Oh boy.

Here are the other Christmas projects I have planned:

Emily - "Cute as a button frame" for her new baby (maybe this will be part of a delivery gift)
Mom and Dad - Chalkboard wine glasses, knit tea coozies...
Mom - tea wreath, maybe a Musical Pumpkin (made this for myself, loved it! don't know what she would do with it though), or a Musical wreath (though that would be a total of 2 wreaths...), I know I'm making these adorable hair bows in broncos colors for our football game.
Dad - Broncos hat?, Bookshelf hideaway?
Tiffany - I could go on forever for her, she's my little crafting friends! Some ideas are a menu board, an apron (she was just saying she needed one!), cocktail ring, the kitchen utensil holders mentioned above, maybe the chalk board wine glasses mentioned above
Tony (brother) - Circuit board wallet (above), keyboard magnets, and I forgot I had this bucket list frame that would be adorable for him.
Melissa - this book letter would be perfect for her, as well as maybe a wedding invitation ornament.
Emmie - this little tutu would be great for her

People left to think of ideas for:
Bryce and Grant
Vlad and Andrei


Welcome to my brand-spankin' new blog!

It's been a long time coming... but now it's finally time to combine my passions of writing, crafting, sharing [and procrastinating] into this baby...

What was stopping me before? Call it the standards I have to live up to, the realization of no one really reading this, and the embarrassment of forgetting about it and finding it years later only to laugh at my immaturity of attempting a... blog. But, here goes!

This all fits perfectly with my new idea of everything in life being relative to jumping in a pool. I can't tell you how many times I would stand at the edge of my pool (okay, I still do this every single time I swim) and convince myself to jump in. It's not the fear of swimming; I'm a great swimmer. It's not a fear of cold water; many times the water was warm. It's just the fear of being wet and knowing that I can't go back. So finally, I would take a deep breath and jump really high into the water. Every time, without fail, the thought of "Can't turn back now" would pop into my head. Can't turn back now. I'm starting the blog. Can't turn back now. I'm almost done with school. Can't turn back now. I'm going to be a teacher in the fall. Can't turn back now.

Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a college student in Florida. I'm a senior, graduating in May. I'm an exceptional education major. This means that starting in August, I am going to have my very own classroom, full of my very own kids I can try my best not to mess up.

My devotion for crafting really took flight about a year ago; although I did enjoy the occasional crafty situations, I never partook in these activities before. It all stemmed from a conversation with my mom and my boyfriend one day last year. I mentioned how it's always so awkward when I have to tell people what my 'hobbies' are... what I do in my free time? What did I do in my free time? Umm... watched endless hours of netflix while cleaning and spending time with friends. Lame! I had no impressive hobbies to brag about; I didn't do sports, I hated watching football and going to sporting events, I wasn't a runner or a scrapbooker or a cook. I didn't scuba dive or horse ride or have any pets to take care of. I felt so... boring!

After a few minutes of awkward laughs and silences between the three of us, my mom ventured into, "Well, you like baking!" Yes, mom, I like baking. But I pretty much make the same boxed cupcakes or cookies every time. "What about crafts?" It hit me. Wait, I loved crafts! I loved the feeling of creating something new and displaying it proudly for all to see.

So it started.

First I found instructables. Obsession.

Then I found StumbleUpon. New Obsession.

Oh, after that? Etsy.

My latest one? My internship teacher introduced me to Pinterest. Oh boy, jumped on that bandwagon.

Now, I have an endless supply of ideas at my fingertips and not enough time to complete them all. Within a short time I had created a file on my computer full of hundreds of ideas of things to make. That file then got divided into three files: Crafts, Recipes, and Classroom. Those files then produced spawns of their own born from my constant need of organization.

So I craft. I craft between classes and after work and at work and on weekends and while my boyfriend is watching football. Suddenly, cleaning isn't as important. Suddenly, homework isn't as important. Suddenly, I'm never bored. Suddenly, I don't have enough time.

So I leave you with a sink full of dishes and an unfinished paper to make a lovely visit to Joanns...
Project of the day? A Tea Wreath for my mom for Christmas. More to follow.