Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Style

We have now officially been New Yorkers for a year, and this is the second Fourth of July we've spent while living in the City.  This year, we were lucky enough to watch the Macy's Fireworks on the East River from an office building at South Street Seaport... great views and even better friends!

I decided to make my own America Tank this year, and I was inspired by this tank at LavishBoutique.

I found the white tank at Burlington for $10, and added the stripes with red paint, using freezer paper to create the separation.  The pocket is added on (created from scrap blue fabric painted with polka dogs) using HeatBond (since I have no room for a sewing machine in my little apartment). Finally, the bow on the back is a cheer bow bought from Michael's, added with Polka dots, and clipped on with a few stitches to hold it in.

I went with an adorable braided hairstyle inspired by this picture on loftissays. I started with a thin braid on each side of the face (center parted), and a loosened side fishtail with curled ends. I then connected the two thin braids to make a crown, and tucked the ends into the braid, securing it with a bobby pin.

Finally, I attempted to make these Red White and Blue Jello Shots from atthepicketfence, but (surprise, surprise), couldn't find blue jello OR small enough cups at the shop in the city (Publix, I miss you!). So, instead, I made red jello shots, topped them with whipped cream, and drew blue stars on the cups... voila! (We will still call this Recipe 286... attempts count.)

So, nothing crazy, but happy fourth to everyone!!