Monday, November 7, 2011

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I know I've already told you about the chalkboard wine glasses I was planning to make. Here's how they turned out!

The painter's tape did a great job of making a nice straight line, and the homemade chalkboard paint held up really nicely! I know, I'm boring and stuck with black, but I figured that was the best color to use chalk on (why else would chalkboards be black?). I made four for my parents and two for my friends... Each little set came with a bag of chalk to write on them with (because nobody I know has chalk laying around the house). After I thought about it, I realized I should have decorated them with the chalk pens I have leftover from Starbucks... I'll have to remember to go back and do that before I give them away as presents.

Here's the tutorial for the chalkboard wine glasses... I just realized that maybe I should write one, but I don't have pictures to go along with it. Oh well, it's pretty easy!

1. Buy wine glasses. I got mine for $1 each at Goodwill with the stickers still on. Give them a good scrub to get all the goodwill dirt off.

2. Make the chalkboard paint. To make your own chalkboard paint, buy a box of white dry non-sanded grout from Home Depot. No, I don't know if that's the only kind that will work. No, I don't know what all those words mean. But this was the cheapest grout at $6. To make the paint, add 1 cup of whatever paint is lying around the house (house paint, acrylic paint, etc) to 2 tbsp of grout. Yes, you will have a whole box minus 2 tbsp left over. Hope you want to paint a lot. Stir stir stir!!!! (This will make more than enough for your glasses... I had enough to fill my acrylic paint container back up and save it).

3. Put painter's tape on your wine glasses to mark where you want the paint to stop.

4. Some tutorials say to dip the glass in the paint, but I tried this and it didn't work very well. In the end I just used a paintbrush and made sure to get everything.

5. Allow to try upside down and decorate!!!

While I was at it (and with all the leftover paint), I grabbed a boring mug from the pantry and painted that as well.

Now I'm spending my evenings brainstorming and ransacking my house for what else I can paint! Muahahahaha!

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