Top 10 Crafts

~~~Top 10 Crafts~~~

It's been about 2 years since I started really crafting it up, and I've created a lot of great things.  I decided to make a top 10 crafts list of all the things I've really loved over the past few years so that you can share in my favorite creations!
Check back often, as I will be editing the list based on my future projects!

10. Tea Drawer
A functional and simple drawer that organizes my sweetener, regular, and decaf tea for easy access.

9. Fabric Bouquet with Burlap and Lace
A sweet and rustic bouquet with burlap, lace, and pearls that adds a feminine and homey touch to any wedding.

8. Bridal Shower Towel Cake
A great use of bridal registry gifts, a beautiful way to display or gift towels. 

7. Knitted Mandrake
Perfect for any Harry Potter lover, this cuddly mandrake won't knock you out when you pull it out of the pot.

6. Candy Dish
A sweet way to display your favorite candies or bubble gum in a traditional way.

5. Owl Bookends
Hold your books up with these smart guys... Whooo couldn't love them?

4. Cinderella Coach
A reminder that you're never too old for fairy tales... this romantic and whimsical Cinderella coach is made with lace, crystals, and sheet music.

3. Snow White Apron
Cook with style for all your men and sing with the birds in this adorable apron.  Inspired by Snow White and made with care and detail.

2. Knitted Football Baby Cocoon
Keep your future quarterback warm and cozy during football season with this knitted cocoon.

1. Mario Quilt
Hand-stitched with true commitment, Mario has never been more cuddly!

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