Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pre-K Week 24: Forest Animals

Our 24th week in Pre-K fell right after Groundhog's Day, so it was a perfect time to talk about forest animals. To help students understand forest animals, we talked about camping and what animals you would see if you were camping.

For some reason, the kids kept saying giraffe. I must have reacted tout in an amusing way the first time someone said it, because now every time I ask a question in class at least one student raises their hand and answers 'giraffe' then dissolves into a fit of giggles. Oh we'll, it's nice that some of them are getting to that joking age...even if their joke isn't as funny the 27th time.

So on Monday we focused on groundhogs since Sunday was Groundhogs Day. I showed the students a video of the groundhog seeing its shadow and we read a story called 'Geoffrey Sees His Shadow'. We didn't focus too much on shadows because we were going to focus on shadows and light and dark the next week. We also touched on how the season was still winter and soon it would be spring, but again I didn't focus too much on that because we would be focusing on spring when it actually got here and there's no point in confusing them.

For Monday's projects, we made this Groundhog Pop Up Puppet from, and we also worked on a Camping Preschool Pack from http://homeschool

On Wednesday we talked about skunks and read the book 'Sassafras' about a skunk who thinks no one likes her because she stinks. We also made these Skunk Art Projects from Pinterest. Because the letter of the week was E, I had the kids practice writing their E's by writing the word 'Eeeeeew' around their skunk. 

On Wednesday I snuck in more hedgehog activities, because you can find hedgehogs in the woods, too! The kids made these cute Paper Plate Hedgehogs (from which was a great activity to practice their cutting! 

Finally, on Friday, we had a day completely centered around bears. I read the books 'There's a Bear in the Woods' and 'It's the Bear!', then the kids made these Paper Bag Bears from For our movement activity, I planned to read the book,'Going on a Bear Hunt' then doing all the movements with the kids. 

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