Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pre-K Week 11: Pets

Our pets week was a very exciting one because everyone in the class had a pet of some sort, and they all loved sharing them. 
The first day we focused on dogs, and the kids did a dogs preschool pack, found here:
Some books we read included Rosie's Walk, Dog Breath, Red and I Visit the Vet, Surprise Puppy!, and Daniel's 
For a movement activity, we played a game called "obedience school", which was like Simon says but the kids had 
to follow directions while pretending to be dogs.
We also talked a lot about how to take care of pets and what pets need, including food, water, a home, and to go to the 
Vet when they get sick. 
Our learning goals were being able to name 5 pets and telling 3 ways to take care of pets.

On Tuesday we talked about cats, did the cat preschool pack found at:
We also read the books Millions of Cats, Scat! cat, and The Cat in the Hat.

On Wednesday morning, I had all the kids bring in pictures of their pets, and we held a pet show. I also gave each of
the letter people a picture of a pet that started with their same letter (Ms. A had an angelfish, Mr. S had a salamander,

I also used this as an opportunity to bust out my old beanie babies from my parents' house! I'm so glad I didn't throw those away!
We looked at each beanie baby, and talked about whether it would make a good pet. If we decided it wouldn't make 
a good pet, we talked about why and where it should live instead (a zoo or farm).
They also did a sorting activity with the beanie babies and had to put them on the picture of the house, the zoo,
or the farm depending on where they live.

On Wednesday we also did a really cute craft, a Fish Aquarium that was actually inspired by a kit sold on Etsy (found at

For this project, I had the kids paint a whole plate and the cut rim of another plate blue the day before. I then
prepared various ovals, trapezoidal, and triangles out of scrapbook paper for the fish. The kids chose the colors
for their fish and glued it on their plate. They used tan string for the sand, blue sequins for the bubbles, and green Rick rack
for the seaweed. Oh, and shells for the shells. I hot-glued the plate rim on top of the finished whole plate to look like a fish tank.
They turned out really cute!

With this project we read the book Memoirs of a Goldfish.

On Thursday, we talked about smaller pets, such as mice, hamsters, rabbits, and yes... Hedgehogs. 

We had a special visitor! My friend Susie came I. With her pet tortoise, hedgehog, and rabbit to share with the kids. 
It was very exciting for everyone, as we don't get many visitors or see anything in real life, plus they got to touch
some of the animals!

For the craft that say the kids made these adorable hamsters inspired by this hamster ornament craft:
I really wanted to use ornaments, but the only clear ones at Michaels were glass and too expensive :(
Instead we made homes for the hamsters out of cereal containers from breakfast!

We read the stories A Pocketful of Pets and The Pet that I Want.

We also made this hedgehog thank-you card for Susie!

On Friday, the kids focused on pet snakes.
They read the story The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash and made these paper chain snakes:

They also created a great graph of their favorite pets, which I kept up for a few weeks and the kids kept referencing in their discussions.

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  1. Thank you for letting me part of your pet week! I love my hedgehog thank you card! The hamster and house is flippin adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!