Sunday, September 16, 2012

G is for Girl Angry Bird Masks, H is for Hamburgers (without the ham)

G is for Girl Angry Bird Masks...

In the many etsy orders I received from these masks, I got a request for the female angry bird masks.  Unfortunately, I'm not personally a big angry bird buff.  The game irritates me when I can't figure out how to kill the little characters, and I give up after about 5 minutes.  So, I didn't know there were female angry birds!  I googled them and created this female angry girl bird mask as a mock up for the customer.  I can't wait for her to order them so I can make the other females!

H is for Hamburgers, without the ham (or sweet potato burgers)...

I've been wanting to make these sweet potato burgers (from dyln) for some time.  Logan's been begging me to. Finally, I got around to the process of buying the ingredients and committing.

They were extremely filling and we could each only eat one burger before we were full.  They were... okay... but I'll take the meat ones over the bean/potato one any day!

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