Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunglasses Frame Holder (and Pinterest Fails)

Here are a few crafts that I've worked on this week:

I'll start with a picture of the Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss I made.  Hop on over to my Teaching-365 blog to read about it!

I also completed this sunglasses frame holder from pullteeth.  I absolutely love it!! I'll have to contemplate adding it to my Top 10 Crafts list, I just love everything on that list!

To do this holder, I found a frame at goodwill that would fit inside my bathroom closet door.  

I took out the glass and the picture.

I then hot-glued ribbon to the back of the frame.  4-5" was enough between each ribbon.

To hang the frame on the door, I used command strips.

I've also had a few pinterest fails this week:

I saw that you could clean your grout by spraying Woolite carpet cleaner right on, waiting a few minutes, scrubbing, and wiping.  This did not work. FAIL.

I also tried to make these cute beaded flip flops. Not nearly as easy as it looks. FAIL.

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  1. I made those flip flops also and they came out so ugly.. Alot of work for nothing!! Love the cookie monster game!!!!!