Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Man Bouquet

Hi all!
We got back from my brother's wedding last week andI have lots to update on! Since I actually have the [summer]time, I'm going to attempt to break all of the crafts and recipes into multiple posts for better organization.

I'll start with my brother's wedding-day gift. He was so sweet and included me as an 'honorary groomsman' before I went off to start the bridesmaid festivities. I was so excited to have this gift in hand when I arrived.

Here's a mini-tutorial:

Man Bouquet, inspired by ChristyWrights

Supplies needed:

  • Medium-sized terra cotta pot ($2 at michaels)
  • Cigars and mini alcohol bottles
  • 3 thin dowels (mine were 1/8" I believe. Also purchased for dirt cheap at michaels)
  • Foam (I used soft floral foam found at the dollar tree)

  • Stuffing, e.g. Gift basket paper (also at dollar tree)
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors


1. Fill the bottom of your pot with the foam.

2. Cut your dowels. I did the three I put in the back at 12" and the rest at 9". The dowels were thin enough to use scissors.

3. Use a piece of duct tape to secure the dowel pieces to the back of each mini alcohol bottle/cigar. If you use different size dowels for the different layers, make sure you pay attention and secure the correct pieces together.
*i used small pieces of black duct tape for this. If you can think of something classier to use, please feel free!

4. Arrange the dowels in the pot by sticking them in the foam. Be careful... Once you make a hole in the foam it doesn't close back up so make sure you know where to put the dowels!

5. Fill the pot with the stuffing around the sticks.

6. I finished mine with a 'manly' card stock bow hot-glued on the planter.

This really didn't take long, probably only about 20 minutes, and my brother loved it!

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