Friday, June 7, 2013

Gnocchi, M&M Pudding Cookies, and Pancake Squares

 Now that it's summer, I'm back to being able to do at least one project per day, and I love it!

Here are the recipes I have tried so far this week:

Recipe #132: Easy Ricotta Gnocchi from Budget Bytes

I was so excited to make this gnocchi... once I learned how to pronounce it it became my favorite soup at Olive Garden!  This was a pretty easy recipe, it just took a few cheap ingredients and about 30 minutes.

Except... (here it comes)... I ran out of white flour.  So I substituted half of the flour with wheat flour, which I thought wouldn't be a big deal.

Well, it was. And they just tasted like mushy lumps of wheat. And I am NOT the biggest fan of wheat.

Because the gnocchi was so plain, I decided to do a taste test.  I set up five different bowls and covered the gnocchi with different things: 1. Parmesan cheese    2. Italian Dressing    3. Garlic Butter    4. Cheddar Cheese     5. Salt & Pepper 

This was the gnocchi with salt & pepper:

In the end, the Parmesan cheese was my favorite, though it still wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I might try again with all white flower.

Recipe #133: M&M Pudding Cookies from keyingredient 

These cookies were super easy! They were just a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, but had a dash of vanilla pudding mix and m&ms.
They were devoured right away! Everyone loved them!

Recipe #134: Pancake Squares from bigredkitchen
These pancake squares are a much easier and delicious alternative to regular pancakes! Just whip together the simple ingredients (I had them all in my pantry), put in an 8x8" pan, and your pancakes are ready in 20 minutes with no flipping.  I always have the hardest time not burning my pancakes. These were so fluffy and delicious, especially with butter and syrup!

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