Friday, June 7, 2013

Bridesmaid Hair!

As I mentioned  before, I'm attempting to do my own bridesmaid hair in my brother's wedding in a few weeks. Although this scares me, it also gives me a chance to try out different formal hairstyles I wouldn't usually be able to try.

Here's what I've done so far:

Braid Bun from longhairstylehowto

I tried a few different versions of this hairstyle, and it's definitely one of my top choices for the wedding.

The first time I tried this, I was doing it from memory.  I just did one long braid that went across the back of my head, then I twisted it into a bun.

I needed a lot of bobby pins, but once I got them in there correctly the hairstyle stayed up quite well! I loved it!

The second time I tried the bun, I actually followed the directions on the pin.

Not nearly as cute.  Unfortunately, my hair has layers so that bun didn't work out too well because the ends of my layers poked out everywhere. I played around with a few different options including a mini sock bun from a child's sock.


A Very Vintage Ponytail from indulgy

This was a very cute and flirty hairstyle.  It was pretty easy, but I couldn't get the necessary poof at the top.  It didn't hold up too well and the sides all fell out within an hour or so.


Hot braid curls from allwomenstalk

This was an idea I saw on pinterest. It says to just do 5-10 loose braids in your hair, go over them with a hair straightener, hairspray, then let out.

I started with 10 braids (what do you think about this hairstyle for the wedding??):

And ended up with 1980's-style crimped hair:

I was actually so disappointed with this hairstyle that I showered it out in the 10 minutes I had before having to get to class.

Next I tried 5 braids and made them looser:

And ended up with slightly wavy, not-too-impressive hair:


Half-up / Half-down Fishtail from latest-hairstyles

I tried out this half-up half-down fishtail and fell in love. This might be a winner!

To do this hairstyle, take two side pieces of hair and twist into a half-up pony.  After I did this, I actually liked how this turned out, and would definitely use this as an everyday hairstyle!

Next, do a fishtail braid to the small pony and secure with an elastic.

Next, I decided to cut out the top elastic to see what would happen. It became very loose, and I didn't really like it as much.

Since I loved that style so much, I tried it again the next day but made it a little more formal.  I started by clipping up the two side pieces of hair and curling everything else with a 1" curler.

I then twisted & put an elastic in the two pieces in the back, just like the day before.

I then did a fishtail braid to the small pony and secured with another elastic.

I then added a sweet pink bow to the top.

Finally, I tucked away my bangs with a bobby pin because I knew I couldn't have them in my face all day.  This is the style from the front:


The next hairstyle I found is from this WONDERFUL website that has all sorts of hairstyles that are adorable.

Puff Braided Ponytail from Locks and Locks of Hairstyles

Although not exactly a wedding hairstyle, this is an easy style and a good twist on the regular braid. To do this, you just do a high pony, make a loose  braid, and puff out as you go along.


The last hairstyle I tried is a quick side-braid from the Beauty Department.

This braid was very easy, and a good way to get my bangs out of my face.

Not wedding material though.

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