Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shades of Blue with a Touch of Beach

My brother's wedding is coming up, and the majority of our family will be arriving in Destin in 2 weeks to celebrate it.  My mom and I are hosting a bridal shower for his fiance the Thursday before the wedding.  My mom said she wanted some blues in there with maybe a little beach, which I translated to its official title:

Shades of Blue with a Touch of Beach.

I've been working on some decorations for the bridal shower and I've been having a blast!  Here's what I have so far.

Fan Decorations inspired by Sweet Paul

For these decorations, I purchased different shades and patterns of blue scrapbook paper, plus some cardstock.  For the bigger fans, I accordion-folded two square pieces of scrapbook paper, expanded them into a fan, and glued them together.  For the smaller fans, I accordion-folded a rectangle and glued the two ends together - no need for two pages here!
I attached some of the smaller fans to the larger ones and added a blue bottle cap (from Michael's) to center.  These are going to hang on the wall... somewhere.

Kusudama Ball with Carambola Flowers inspired by diyweddingbee, goorigami, and foldingtrees.

I've been dying to make these carambola flowers for the longest time, and I finally had time to try now that I'm done with work for the summer.  I started by trying to make the traditional Carambola flower by following the goorigami  video tutorial.  I literally watched this video 5 or 6 times.  I spent hours trying to figure out how to make these flowers and got SO frustrated! I couldn't get the last few steps down.  These were my attempts:

Finally, I found a different tutorial from foldingtrees.  In order to do each flower, you need 5 pieces of square paper (1 per petal).  The folding is actually really easy to follow and flowers were super simple to make!  It was a little labor intensive, but I was able to make a petal per minute, a flower in 5 minutes, and be done with the whole thing in an hour(ish). My problem came when I was trying to figure out how to attach the flowers together.  Eventually, I thought I solved my problem by gluing a bead/pearl to the top of a piece of floral wire, feeding it through the inside of the flower, and securing (gluing) the pearl to the inside of each flower.  Unfortunately, the flowers were far too heavy to be held up by floral wire (which I knew was going to happen) so I had to glue the flowers together in the end.  I twisted the floral wire together and covered it in green ribbon. 
This will probably be used for a centerpiece or just decoration for the shower.

Beachy Keen Love Letters inspired by oncewed
I saw these letters on pinterest and knew they were perfect for the 'touch of beach' in the shower.  To do these letters, I bought cardboard 3D letters from Joann's (they don't carry them at my Michael's), stole used the natural resources of the sand from St. Pete beach, and purchased a bag of shells from Michael's.  I know, I know... I would have loved to go to the beach and find my own shells, but there was no time for that and this bag came with so many varieties.  
First, I covered the letters with Mod Podge and covered them in sand.  When it had dried, I sprayed a layer of lacquer to try to reduce the stray sand pieces.  I then glued the shells to the letters, and that's it!

I look forward to showing you how the bridal shower turns out and all the fun stuff that goes with it!

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  1. These came out great!! I just came from the beach in SC and they have TONS of shells! I wish I would have known!!!!