Monday, June 10, 2013

First Video Tutorial - Glittered Wine Glass!

Hi everyone,
I have some pretty exciting news.
For my mom's birthday in September, I made her a glittered wine glass that said "I teach therefore I drink".  Right before Christmas, I got a text from here with a picture of the broken wine glass that said 'I know what I want for Christmas!'
I could definitely relate to her, because I remember the first time I dropped and broke my beloved wine glass in the sink and was close to tears.  So I made her a new wine glass for Christmas. While I was at it, I figured I would make my dad one too that was Gator-themed and said, "Not now... I'm studying" to represent the hard work he's putting into his UF master's program.  A few weeks ago, I got another text from my mom that had a picture of my dad's broken wine glass and said "Good thing father's day is coming up!"
I can take a hint.

So since I have ample amounts of time off this summer and I'm not really sure how to handle myself, I decided to spend five times as long making this simple wine glass by making my very first video tutorial!!!


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