Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 38 & 39 - Beach/ Summer

For the last two weeks of school, we talked about Summer and the Beach.

We read the books, "Spot Goes to the Beach", "Bonnie on the Beach", "Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise", "Baby Beluga", "One Hot Summer Day" "Tar Beach" "When You Go to Kindergarten" and "How I Spent My Summer Vacation".

Of course, since it was the last few days of school, and many of them were half-days, we were focused mainly on getting data notebooks finished, cleaning the classroom, and doing gifts for the end of the year, so we it was a more relaxed environment with less structured activities, but there were a few things we did.

Our learning goal was to tell ways to stay safe in the sun and water this summer, so we talked a lot about using sunscreen, wearing clothes and hats and sunglasses in the sun, and staying next to adults in the water.

We did an 'Animal Action' game where the kids had to pretend to be different animals at the beach - they always love this game!

We also did an Alphabet Beach Ball, where I wrote the letters of the Alphabet all over a beach ball and we did different activities with it.
First, we sat in a circle and passed the ball around to each other, saying the alphabet together. Next, we kept passing the ball around in a circle, but only the person who had the ball could say the next letter.  Finally, we rolled the ball to one another, using each others' names. When the person picked up the ball, they had to identify and name the letter that was under their hand. The kids had a lot of fun with this, and it was amazing how many activities we could do with a simple ball!

For art projects, we did a Paper Plate Seashell from Localfunforkids, and we also did Gluey Sand Castles from Shareandremember.

They also sorted shells and listened to the ocean.

We had a water day, where we spent the day out with the hose and water toys. It really ended up being a mud day, but the kids had fun!
At the end of the water day, the kids all ate my favorite... Sand Cake!!!

We took our End of Year Pictures, and I printed their first day of school, 100th day of school, and last day of school pictures out and we put them together in a homemade frame. Adorable!

For end-of-year gifts, each of the kids got a memory bucket filled with summer goodies, and they got to sign each others' buckets, and I wrote messages that they dictated to each other.

For the assistants and SLP, the kids helped me make these adorable Class Plates inspired by a picture on flickr.  I took all of their thumbprints (they got to choose the color), and when they dried I wrote their name and decorated it to look like the student. I also added a nice quote to each plate. I had to make one for myself, too of course!


Overall, it was a very successful year, and I look forward to doing it all again next year!

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