Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 33- Easter

The week before Easter was a very fun week, and we had lots of adorable Easter activities that ended with an ‘Easter Party’ on Thursday.  It was also a short week, since we all had off Friday for Good Friday.

On Monday, we focused on ducks.  We read the stories “Five Little Ducks” and “Little Quack”, then for a movement activity we did duck races where the kids had to race from one line on the floor to the other holding their ankles to make them waddle like ducks!

The students did a paper plate duck from here, and they also played Easter Bingo!

At the end of the day we read “Little Quack’s Hide and Seek”.

 On Tuesday, we focused on eggs.  We read the story, “The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs”, then we played two games that involved big, colorful eggs.

I traced, cut out, and decorated 20 eggs in pairs, so there were 10 different designs in all.  These were big, cardstock eggs, about 10 inches tall.

For our first game, called Egg Match, the kids all closed their eyes and I gave them one of my eggs. They then had to find the person in the classroom that had the same egg as them.

In our second game, called Egg Hatch, we put the eggs on chairs in a circle and played musical chairs with them, pretending like we were chickens sitting on our eggs.  When the music stopped and someone was left without an egg and a chair, we said their egg hatched (instead of they lost).


Snack, of course, was hard-boiled eggs.

For art, the kids got to decorate their very own big eggs, and I hung them all on a Big Easter Basket bulletin board.

At recess, we did an Egg Relay, where the kids had to walk to the fence and back, balancing a hard-boiled egg on a spoon.

On Wednesday, we focused on bunnies.  We read “Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies”, then we did my favorite ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’ fingerplay.  After learning the fingerplay, we did a gross motor of ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’, where the kids hopped around the classroom.  For our craft, we made Easter Baskets from milk cartons, which was from the book “Early Childhood Themes”.  I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out, and we filled them up with goodies for Easter!


I found a great Easter Egg Letter-Writing Assessment from MadeByTeachers that the kids did as well to see how many letters they could write or copy!


On Thursday, we had an Easter Celebration.  We started by reading “Happy Easter Little Critter”, and of course doing an Easter Egg Hunt around the classroom!  The kids put their Easter eggs in their new baskets!

We also had them do little activities for basket-fillers. 

First, the kids made Goldfish Carrots (from ADailyDoseofDavis) by filling pastry bags with goldfish, securing it with a rubber band, adding green ribbon and a construction-paper leaf.

They also made Rabbit Tails (from indulgy) by counting out three donut holes and putting them in a bag, then attaching a bunny print-out and writing the words Rabbit tails'.

Finally, they added in these Chick Fruit Cups from Kelly's Healthy Kitchen that I had made for them earlier that day.

The week was very exciting, and full of new and fun activities to celebrate Easter and Spring!

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