Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 34 - Earth Day

For week 34, which contained Earth day, we talked about the Earth and ways that we can help it.

 On Monday, we read the book, “The Earth is Good”, and also watched ‘Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Earth Day Video’. 

For our art project, the kids did a handprint activity where they made the Earth with their hand.  We did this one last year, too, but it’s just too cute! 

On Tuesday, we read “The Lorax” using the iPad app that has guided reading.  We talked about how important it is to protect our trees and our Earth.  The students made Lorax paper plates from alittledelightful, and also started working on a Pre-K Earth Day Pack.


On Wednesday, our book for circle time was Eric Carle’s “With Us, on the Earth and Sea”.  This was a great way to talk about how the seas and oceans are on our Earth as well, and it’s important that we keep them free of trash and pollution.  The students were able to watch ‘The Lorax’ movie (the older animated one), and while they were watching the movie some of them painted pots to get ready for the next day.


On Thursday, we focused on the concept of recycling.  In the morning, we read the book, “Save that Trash!”, as well as the book “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. 


For a group game, we did a really fun recycling race.  For this, I split the class into two teams, and gave each team a trash bag full of recyclable materials (either paper or plastic).  I especially used the tops of the milk cartons I cut off for the milk carton Easter baskets last week.  The teams had to take turns getting an item out of the bag, running to the front of the room, and putting the item in the right box.  The goal was to be the first one to empty your bag and put all the items in the right place!
The kids also finished up their Lorax Planter Pots from thepartywall.


Finally, on Friday, we read the book “My Earth” and “Who Will Help”.  For art, the kids made a Stained Glass Planet Earth from momontimeout.  We also finished their Handprint Earth Promise by asking each student what they are going to do to help the Earth… this served as a great end-of-week assessment!

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