Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 37 - Mothers & Fathers' Day

Week 37 was the week following Mother's Day, so I decided to devote the whole week to Mothers and Fathers, that way we could work on Mother's Day gifts, as well as get Father's Day gifts ready to send home for June.

On Monday and Tuesday, we focused only on mothers.

I read the books, "Our Mom," "Just Me and my Mom," "Are You My Mother?" and "My Monster Mama Loves Me So". 

We played the games 'Mother May I?' and 'Mommy Says' (Simon says).

The kids made Flower Mother's Day Cards that said "My love for you grows and grows" and opened up into a big flower coming out of a pot (this was inspired by pinterest).

For a Mother's Day gift, we made Mommy Coasters inspired by my genious roommate. I bought 16cent tiles at Lowe's, glued felt to the back, and had the kids decorate them with Sharpies.  Then, *when they were dry* (made that mistake at first), I put mod podge over the top to seal them in.  Cute, cheap, and easy!

I also interviewed each of the students for a Mommy Questionnaire, which I made myself. In this questionnaire, I asked the kids different questions about their mom, and wrote down their answers, no matter how silly it sounded or even if it didn't make sense.  Some of the questions I asked were, "What's your mom's favorite color?" "How old is your mom?" "What's your mom's favorite thing to do?".  Then I had the kids draw a picture of their mom, and I glued them side by side on a large piece of construction paper.
We did the same thing for our fathers later in the week so they didn't feel left out!

On Wednesday, we talked about both moms and dads, and we read the books "Moms and Dads," "Tell Me Again", and "With My Mom and Dad".

On Thursday and Friday, we focused on dads.  We read the books "Knuffle Bunny," "Dad," and "My Dad's Job".

For a Father's Day Card, we did a 'Hooked on Daddy' Fish Handprint Card from in-the-corner.

For a Father's Day gift, we made 'I love you to pieces' frames (from pinterest) by gluing puzzle pieces to picture frames and putting the kids' pictures in them. The pieces lasted a whole 2 hours before they started falling off the frame, so I know to use something besides Elmer's and hot glue next year!

The kids also got to play in Shaving Cream to commemorate their daddies!!!


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