Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Challenge: Week 1

Week 1 of my wonderful new challenge, and someone decided this obviously wasn't hard enough. Within the first two days of deciding to fill my limited extra time with wonderful new experiments, I had a best friend announce a wedding and a pregnancy. Suddenly, instead of planning outfits and recipes, I'm spending the majority of my free time planning Save-the-Dates and parties.

That won't stop me, though! Who needs sleep?

Just kidding. Actually, I'm excited about the new things I can come up with to help out my friend. I love weddings, I love babies, I love creating things.

So I've been busy this week. I haven't EXACTLY stuck with my schedule, but I've done much more than I planned. Want to see?

Monday (New Hairstyle) - I attempted the braided headband inspired by this. I don't know if I just don't have the right hair for it or I did it wrong, but it was very hard to get a flat start (the beginning of my braid stuck out of my hair like a weird lump) and the braid got very skinny at the end where the layers of my hair ended. Low and behold, I decided to stick with my plan... I threw my hair up in a ponytail with the braid and wore it the whole day, no matter how silly I looked.

Tuesday (New Outfit) - I spent an hour or so on Monday night trying to find a new outfit to wear on Tuesday. I finally found this inspiration with the button-up shirt under a tank top under a blazer. I worked it and worked it and finally settled on the look below. Again, I feel like I looked a little silly, and Logan was SO confused about what I was wearing.

Wednesday (New Recipe) - On Wednesday I made Oreo Cheesecake Cookies for my friend and her fiance to say congratulations. Everyone seemed to love them, except me. I don't like cheesecake, so this was the perfect recipe to give away!

Thursday (New Craft) - Okay, here's where things get a little fishy. I didn't get around to doing a craft on Thursday, but I cooked up something for Tiffany yesterday at work. Tiffany found these save the dates on Etsy and was close to buying them when I swooped in and convinced her we could make them. I was stuck and work with limited supplies, but this was my creation. For her actual save the dates, it should be on lighter cardstock with twine instead of ribbon. She also doesn't want the thumbprints at the bottom.

Friday (Home Day) - Yeah, I didn't do anything house-related on Friday. Oops.

Saturday & Sunday (Jumble days) - Oh boy, did I get a lot done this weekend! Not only did I start up Tiffany's Save the Dates, I prepared for superbowl with these desserts. I figured I'd whip up something fast and easy, but this was much easier said than done. I started with these Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries. Since I was going to decorate my cookies anyways, I substituted the white cookie icing for the white chocolate making the lace of the footballs. It wasn't perfect and it kind of ran together, but it worked. I also did these football cookies, which seemed super easy on the website, but were MUCH more complicated. Oh, right, just "pinch the dough into a football shape"... Logan and I sat there for an hour pinching and kneading and rolling and shaping this football dough until Logan finally gave up, slamming his football into a puff of flour. I eventually gave up too, saying que sera sera. Well, after all that work, the cookies baked and still turned into non-football shaped blobs. Without saying anything to Logan, I calmly got out my kitchen scissors and cut each blob into a football shape. Logan was shocked at how nicely they turned out ;). I then frosted them, then spent about an hour putting icing the little laces on the strawberries or cookies. Argh. I hope it's worth it. I don't even like football.

On a separate note, did I mention we got a new dog??? Logan and I adopted Lily, an 8 year old Shepard mix from the shelter two weeks ago. Isn't she precious???

Well, that's all for now. Time to search for another hairstyle for tomorrow!

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