Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Challenge: Week 2

Wow, February has been passing so quickly! I'm having a blast with this challenge! Although, it is a little challenging coming up with the time on Thursday and Friday nights to get crafts and home stuff done. A lot of stuff overflows into the weekend, but that's what I left those days open for!

So here's how this week went:

Monday (New Hairstyle): So this was actually a Sunday night Superbowl Party hairstyle that carried over into Monday when I threw it up in a ponytail. Yeah, I do that a lot. So I found this curling wand at goodwill in the surplus/new items section and remembered my friend saying how it curled really well. If you haven't gotten on the bandwagon of a curling wand yet, it's just a curling iron without the clamp... so it's just a really hot rod that you wrap your hair around, but it doesn't make that annoying little twitch in your hair where the clamp holds it. Yes, I could just wrap my hair around my curling iron without using the clamp, but then I wouldn't get to spend money and have the latest item. The point is, it was like $15 at Goodwill, and I was in the mood to spend some money, so I bought it. I tried it out on Sunday night when I was in a hurry, and absolutely loved it! It didn't curl my hair as much as wave it, and right away I felt like I had Taylor Swift hair. Add some hairspray and my hair was wonderfully un-straight for the next 24 hours!

Tuesday (New Outfit): For my new outfit this week, I went a little more toned-down than last week. I paired up a skirt that was in the back of my closet that I had never worn before with a plain yellowish-gold shirt (the skirt had gold beads at the top), gold sandals, and a gold necklace. Of course, the one day I wear a skirt to work the wind blows like crazy on the playground, so I got to spend the whole time keeping one hand on my clothes. Wardrobe malfunction in an Elementary School? No, thanks.

Wednesday (New Recipe): On Wednesday, I tried out this Roasted Carrot Soup from pinterest. I've been waiting a long time to make this, and I was looking forward to the simplicity and creaminess of the soup. Well, it was NOT worth it. It took about 2 hours to make, and only made enough for two lunches. I guess that's the glory of making things from scrap. I had to cut the carrots, cook the carrots, cook the broth, blend it all together, add more water, make it soupier... I wasn't happy. I wasn't very impressed with the taste either. It was almost too much... like baby food. Maybe a little more water would do it next time, but I have a feeling there won't be a next time for this soup in my household.

Thursday (New Craft): So one of the crafts I came up with earlier this week was to help out my friend's wedding. She was telling me how much she wanted brown paper bag envelopes that looked 'earthy' so I spent the afternoon figuring out how to fold and glue a paper grocery bag so that it yielded a nice looking envelope. I was so excited with the finished product that I forgot to take a picture, but I'll do up a tutorial now.

Friday (Home Day): None, again.

Saturday & Sunday (Jumble days): I played catch-up this weekend... I did a lot of cleaning and organizing. I also finally got around to making some shoes that have been sitting in my 'projects in progress' bag for months. I found these shoes at Forever 21 when I was doing a walk-through one day. They were $5 and came in UCF colors :)

So of course, I bought them, and decided I wanted to spruce them up a little. I wanted to add a knight but wasn't brave enough to attempt wasting a good pair of shoes to a shaky hand. Instead, I just did the 'UCF' symbol in white fabric paint.

I also threw together a recipe that I have been craving all week. My mom used to make these homemade 'egg mcmuffins' for us on weekends. Just cook an egg over-easy, add some cheese and ham and put it all on an English muffin. Delicious!!!

That's it for this week!

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