Monday, February 20, 2012

February Challenge: Week 3

Think I was a slacker this week? Think again! The amount of things I got done or started this week could hold me over for the next month. Could... but won't! I'm just getting back into the swing of things!

Monday (New Hairstyle): On Monday I tried out this easy-looking formal bun. I was in a rush, and it really didn't take long to do! It was very very pretty and I felt pretty in it!

The only problems I faced were my stick-straight hair that can't seem to hold anything (no matter how many bobby pins and how much hair spray I add) and the fact that I spent the day at an Elementary school. So this is what my hair looked like by the end of the students' breakfast...

So it didn't hold too well and my hair was just a hot mess for the rest of the day. But hey, it was a start!

I also tackled a new recipe on Monday since Tuesday was Valentine's day and I couldn't eat my boyfriend's wonderful steak dinner without a dessert to offer up! Sticking to what he loves, I made this No Bake Oreo Layer Dessert (you'll find that most of my desserts for him have oreos, peanut butter, or both). It was delicious and disappeared WAY too quickly.

I ALSO did a craft on Monday night to prepare for my first Valentine's day with my (almost) very own students. I made these Break my Heart valentines very easily and with only needing to buy m&ms. Just print the template, cut out the hearts, staple two hearts together, fill with M&Ms, and seal! The students get the M&Ms by 'ripping' your heart open. They loved it!

Tuesday (New Outfit): On Tuesday it was a little chilly so I went with this new Ralph Lauren turtleneck (I know, I haven't owned a turtleneck since I was in Elementary school... but hey, it's RL and pink :)), a tshirt vest, and black pants. Simple, and matching. Oh, I forgot to mention, my favorite pair of sparkly pink flip flops! They're wonderful!

Wednesday (New Recipe): On Wednesday I decided to try out another recipe in the crock pot while I went to work: Crock Pot Lasagna. I got up early, got everything ready and started, and followed the instructions to cook on high while I was getting ready then turn to 'warm' and leave for the rest of the day. It only took me about 30-45 minutes to get ready, so I thought I would leave it to my boyfriend, who leaves about 45 minutes after me, to turn it to warm. I woke him up, gave him the instructions, texted him, everything. I MADE SURE he turned it to warm. He promised me he did. I come home Wednesday afternoon, and what is the crock pot on? Low. This doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but the instructions say that the lasagna is supposed to be cooked for 4 hours on low for it to be finished. This lasagna was cooked on 1 1/2 hours on high then 7 hours on low! Ugh. I didn't get mad at him. I didn't. I calmly explained what happened, then I scraped out the burnt pieces and tupperwared up the salvageable leftovers. I couldn't help but take a picture of the burnt pieces in the sink, just in case he ever cared to ask what happened to the lasagna. The lasagna was still pretty good... just had that nice crispy flavor to it.

Thursday (New Craft): On Thursday my craft was to start the charging cell phone holder. Logan has a dresser on his side of the bed and his phone cord doesn't reach up there, so his phone is always sticking in my clothes drawer or balancing precariously on the ledge of something. I decided this is just what he needed. I started with an old conditioner container and got it all cut and ready to mod-podge, but when I put Logan's iPhone in it, it wouldn't fit. Time to find something bigger. Although I didn't finish this craft until Saturday, I did finish it! I found a Lysol bottle that I thought would be too big, but after finishing the project it ended up being a really good size. My version doesn't look nearly as good as the one in the tutorial, but it turned out to be a pretty nifty invention.

Friday (Home Day): This is where things start to get sketchy. On Friday I came down with a horrible case of strep throat, so I was in bed pretty much all day. My craft on Friday DOES count as something for the home, so it's kind of a double whammy. I made up for it on Saturday anyways.

Saturday and Sunday (Jumble Days): Although I should have been in bed all day Saturday and Sunday, I spent my days between laying in bed, studying for my upcoming FTCE exams, and doing crafts. Oh, Sunday I went hiking and shopping too. Not to say I felt great doing it. So I got quite a few things done and started over the weekend... Since I had to call out of work I might as well do SOMETHING productive.

I started by cleaning my showerhead using this nifty trick of rubberbanding a bag of white vinegar to the head of the shower, leaving it, then scrubbing it off. I left it for multiple hours then scrubbed and scrubbed and used bleach to get it the way it was, but mine was pretty nasty in the first place. Now the water comes out all the holes though! Yay! Check out my before-during-after shots.

I also finally got around to putting up a cork board piece on the inside of my kitchen cabinet, inspired by this idea. This would be a great place to hang recipes (if I used anything besides pinterest) and right now it's where I'm hanging my shopping list. It was super easy, I just used mounting pieces from the dollar store and a piece of cork left over from an old project, both things I already had around the house (so what had taken me so long to get it done?).

I also shopped and started a few projects... here's a peak of what's to come!
and a super secret knitting surprise that will blow your mind (if it comes out right)!!!

Oh, here's a picture from our hike on Sunday, just for the fun of it. We definitely went a little... erm... off the trail. Our baby of a dog wouldn't get her feet wet so Logan had to carry her across the river. What fun :)

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