Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Challenge

Apparently my life isn't enough of a challenge, so I want to make it a little more interesting for this month.

Since I have so many wonderful new things to try from pinterest, I am going to try something new every day. That's right, every day. I don't mean trying 7 recipes a week. I don't mean making 7 crafts a week. I mean...

Mondays will be my new hairstyle day. Every Monday in February I will try a new hairstyle that I haven't done before.

Tuesdays will be my new outfit day. Every Tuesday in February will warrant a new outfit that I have never worn before. This doesn't mean going out and buying something new every Monday night, this means mixing and matching pieces in my massive closet with shoes and bags and accessories to create a look I haven't tried before.

Wednesdays will be my new recipe day. Every Wednesday I will try a recipe that I haven't tried before.

Thursdays will be my craft day, allowing myself to try [or start] a craft that is sitting on my to-do list.

Fridays will be my home day, when I will fix up something in my home according to all the ideas I have wanted to try.

Saturdays and Sundays will be my jumble days, where I might try a new cleaning trick or a new restaurant or a new movie that I haven't seen before.

I think I need to come up with a cute name for this challenge... maybe that will be my new idea for the day, I'll let you know!!!

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  1. I hope you post everyday.. I want to see what you come up with!!!!!!!!