Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Halloween is almost here, which gave me an excuse to make a costume!

Okay, I wanted to make a costume really bad, but I haven't been brave enough to begin working out the intricacies of making a corset (crafting bucket list!) so I found a corset, which just happened to come with a petticoat, on ebay from seller bidismore:

It was an adorable little ensemble, and I only paid $25 after shipping, which was the big purchase for this costume. Unfortunately, the picture
doesn't show that the white petticoat is see-through, so I had to find a skirt
to go over it. After attempting to make the perfect skirt (cost - $5 of fabric from joanns), I ended up with a sad looking, overly modest version of what I wanted. Instead, I found this baby at goodwill for about $2.

I was then FINALLY able to craft, and made a wand and a crown.

For the wand, I just used yellow felt ($0.60) with polyfil, which I already had. I painted on the eyes with fabric paint that I already had. I used a dowel stick left over from my musical pumpkin coach and painted it gold with spray paint I already had. I then added gold ribbon (again, already had).

For the crown, I used the same yellow felt ($0.60), with blue and red felt for the jewels ($0.60).
I was playing around with cardboard to help it stand up, when I realized I could just use yellow cardstock, and it worked perfectly! Originally, I had made a crown that covered my whole head and was really crown-sized, but it looked big and dramatic and I knew it would take away from the cuteness and sexiness of my costume. Instead, I made a smaller version, about half the size, and glued it to a headband I had left over from a project a few months ago.

Finally, I added these fantastic pumps I bought after a breakup a few years ago and wore once:

And added these gloves from the dollar store as a final touch:

The final product (drum roll please):

A fantastically sexy Princess Peach!!!

Why Princess Peach? Yes, I played my share of Mario Kart as a child, but I never had the obsession over the characters that others had. My reasons for being Princess Peach are as follows:

1. It was an excuse to be a princess. I love Disney, and I always want to be a princess. Last year I was Minnie Mouse (again, a sexy Minnie!) but I decided Disney two years in a row would give me a bad rep. So, this was a compromise... I could still be a princess!

2. I love pink. I don't know if you could tell from my pictures, but I love pink. Seriously. I wear pink every day. When my friend pointed this out to me when we were on vacation in New York, I told her it's so that my fans will recognize me when they see me on the street, but after she said it I realized how much it is true. It's the clothes, and the nails, and the phone, and the accessories. It's all pink. I'm a pink girl, and this is the perfect costume for me.

3. I was determined to get my boyfriend to do a couple's costume with my this year. Our first year together, I was a cop and he was a prisoner. Cute, but we were still in that 'cute' stage. Last year, he refused to be Mickey or anything to do with that, and ended up wearing his work uniform to the party and going as a security guard (lame). This year, I asked him if he would be Luigi (I know he's wanted to do that for the past few years) and I know he loves Luigi, we'll just see if it works out. Let's see, today is Wednesday, his party is Saturday, and so far he has a mustache and white gloves (both of which I bought for him)... this should be interesting.

So, that is it, my Halloween 2011 saga!

Oh, I almost forgot, let's see how I much I ended up spending on this costume:
$35. Not bad, not fantastic, but wonderfully adorable.

Now someone just needs to throw a '90's party so I can reuse the costume :)

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