Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Challenge

Due to my constant crafting lately and my production of adorable, though essentially meaningless items, I decided that I would fulfill my crafting itch by devoting all of my crafting time to making handmade Christmas gifts. I decided on a Christmas gift challenge... all of my Christmas gifts would have to be homemade. Could I do it?

I soon found that the hardest part would be coming up with the ideas.

Sure, it's a great idea for my friends, my mother, the children I babysit for. Then I came to my brother. Young, engineer, recently moved to Boston, essentially dorky. After finding an old computer keyboard at a garage sale for 25cents, I decided I would use it to make him a wallet from the inside of a computer keyboard and computer key magnets. Not sure what else to do, but I'm sure I'll find something. The challenge is my father. Runner, biker, swimmer, technological, tea-drinker, handyman. The only things I have come up with for him are a tea coozie like the one found here on etsy, and a Broncos colored beanie for the Bronco's game we are going to on New Years Day in Denver. I bought the yarn, but am apprehensive about starting the beanie just yet. I made an adorable newborn beanie a few months ago for my friend's baby shower and was amazed at how simple and how little time it took. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how that same pattern will translate to a grown-man beanie and if I will be able to do it without venturing into circular knitting needles (unknown territory). We'll see how it goes. Any ideas for other father-related gifts please let me know! I'm thinking... tool belt? I don't know!

So just to keep track, so far I have taken care of a wallet for my brother

$0.25 for the computer keyboard, already had the tape
$1.00 to put in the wallet to show what it is

And the magnets I will soon be finishing
$0.75 for the magnet backing, using the keys from the previously mentioned keyboard

I have also made some adorable kitchen utensil holders for a girlfriend that cost a total of:
$1.50 for the containers (popcorn containers from target), already had spray paint and lace
$1.50 for black acrylic paint to cover cracks :(
Will post pictures soon!

I have purchased the materials for the tea wreath for my mom...
$1.80 in scrapbook paper, already had cardboard and clothes pins

Grand total in Christmas presents so far:

Finally, I come to the ultimate challenge: the boyfriend.
WHAT can I handmake my football-watching, designer loving, athletic, cop-being, boyfriend? Oh boy.

Here are the other Christmas projects I have planned:

Emily - "Cute as a button frame" for her new baby (maybe this will be part of a delivery gift)
Mom and Dad - Chalkboard wine glasses, knit tea coozies...
Mom - tea wreath, maybe a Musical Pumpkin (made this for myself, loved it! don't know what she would do with it though), or a Musical wreath (though that would be a total of 2 wreaths...), I know I'm making these adorable hair bows in broncos colors for our football game.
Dad - Broncos hat?, Bookshelf hideaway?
Tiffany - I could go on forever for her, she's my little crafting friends! Some ideas are a menu board, an apron (she was just saying she needed one!), cocktail ring, the kitchen utensil holders mentioned above, maybe the chalk board wine glasses mentioned above
Tony (brother) - Circuit board wallet (above), keyboard magnets, and I forgot I had this bucket list frame that would be adorable for him.
Melissa - this book letter would be perfect for her, as well as maybe a wedding invitation ornament.
Emmie - this little tutu would be great for her

People left to think of ideas for:
Bryce and Grant
Vlad and Andrei

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