Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Welcome to my brand-spankin' new blog!

It's been a long time coming... but now it's finally time to combine my passions of writing, crafting, sharing [and procrastinating] into this baby...

What was stopping me before? Call it the standards I have to live up to, the realization of no one really reading this, and the embarrassment of forgetting about it and finding it years later only to laugh at my immaturity of attempting a... blog. But, here goes!

This all fits perfectly with my new idea of everything in life being relative to jumping in a pool. I can't tell you how many times I would stand at the edge of my pool (okay, I still do this every single time I swim) and convince myself to jump in. It's not the fear of swimming; I'm a great swimmer. It's not a fear of cold water; many times the water was warm. It's just the fear of being wet and knowing that I can't go back. So finally, I would take a deep breath and jump really high into the water. Every time, without fail, the thought of "Can't turn back now" would pop into my head. Can't turn back now. I'm starting the blog. Can't turn back now. I'm almost done with school. Can't turn back now. I'm going to be a teacher in the fall. Can't turn back now.

Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a college student in Florida. I'm a senior, graduating in May. I'm an exceptional education major. This means that starting in August, I am going to have my very own classroom, full of my very own kids I can try my best not to mess up.

My devotion for crafting really took flight about a year ago; although I did enjoy the occasional crafty situations, I never partook in these activities before. It all stemmed from a conversation with my mom and my boyfriend one day last year. I mentioned how it's always so awkward when I have to tell people what my 'hobbies' are... what I do in my free time? What did I do in my free time? Umm... watched endless hours of netflix while cleaning and spending time with friends. Lame! I had no impressive hobbies to brag about; I didn't do sports, I hated watching football and going to sporting events, I wasn't a runner or a scrapbooker or a cook. I didn't scuba dive or horse ride or have any pets to take care of. I felt so... boring!

After a few minutes of awkward laughs and silences between the three of us, my mom ventured into, "Well, you like baking!" Yes, mom, I like baking. But I pretty much make the same boxed cupcakes or cookies every time. "What about crafts?" It hit me. Wait, I loved crafts! I loved the feeling of creating something new and displaying it proudly for all to see.

So it started.

First I found instructables. Obsession.

Then I found StumbleUpon. New Obsession.

Oh, after that? Etsy.

My latest one? My internship teacher introduced me to Pinterest. Oh boy, jumped on that bandwagon.

Now, I have an endless supply of ideas at my fingertips and not enough time to complete them all. Within a short time I had created a file on my computer full of hundreds of ideas of things to make. That file then got divided into three files: Crafts, Recipes, and Classroom. Those files then produced spawns of their own born from my constant need of organization.

So I craft. I craft between classes and after work and at work and on weekends and while my boyfriend is watching football. Suddenly, cleaning isn't as important. Suddenly, homework isn't as important. Suddenly, I'm never bored. Suddenly, I don't have enough time.

So I leave you with a sink full of dishes and an unfinished paper to make a lovely visit to Joanns...
Project of the day? A Tea Wreath for my mom for Christmas. More to follow.

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