Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pre-Summer... Fail!

Just as I finish posting my first week of my pre-summer challenge, I look through my pictures of everything I've done in the last few weeks and decided I just failed the challenge.

Yes, I tried lots of hairstyles.  Yes, I tried lots of outfits.  Yes, I tried a few recipes and home things and crafts, but not on particular days.

So here's a little summary.


 First, I tried this half french braid tuck.  To do this, I french-braided only the top half of my hair (I stopped at the bottom of my head where I would usually make a pony) and I put the rest in a ponytail.  I then did a 'topsy turvey' tuck and flipped it through.  Just a little twist on my usual braid or tuck style.
 Next, I made this attempt at a fishtail braid pull-back (I'm totally making up names for these as I go along) inspired by the picture from CacaoCocoa.  To do this, just make two fishtail braids on the side of your head and connect them in the back with an elastic.  Then take a small piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around the elastic.  Secure with a bobby pin.
My 'wrap' didn't go so well and it ended up just looking like a knot.  It also looks a little crooked in the right picture.  Oh well, kept my hair out of my face!

Next, I tried this modern bun that seems perfect in the picture on pinterest from JettingtotheWedding.  This was one of those frustrating mornings where I was late to work because I was fumbling with my hair.  The whole bun thing wasn't working so well, so I surrendered and just did my usual topsy-turvy flip, just upside down this time.  I added a headband. You know I've given up when I add a headband.

Last but not least, I will tell you about my wonderful fiance.
He's so wonderful for a few reasons.  First, he bought us tickets to Disney for Valentine's day.  Four days at Disney... we got to go to every park.  Then, he let encouraged me to buy this tiara in Epcot's Mexico AND he let me wear it around the park that day.  AND he wasn't embarrassed to be seen with me.  AND THEN he let me wear the tiara AND dress up like Belle when we went back to Disney the next week.  And let's not forget that he didn't run away when I refused to speak anything but French in Epcot's France. So here's my dress-up Disney Princess Hair.

Belle Bun with Tiara inspired by, well, Belle.  To do this hairstyle, I curled my hair using one of those magical curling sticks (not the wands... the new things without the clamps).  I then put half of my hair up in a pull-through bun after teasing.  Then, I added a tiara of course!



For this outift, I matched white jeans with a white tank, black cover-up, and black sandals. The cover-up is from Forever21, the jeans are from Victoria's Secret, the Sandals are Macy's, and I don't know about the shirt (sorry!)

For this outfit, I was going for a casual Snow White theme for our Disney day.  I matched blue shorts with a red shirt and a yellowish cover-up.  I wore a red and gold headband in my hair and carried a red purse. Sorry about the clothes on the floor.... we were in the middle of laundry!

On this day we went on a casino cruise and I was going for a casual boat-y theme.  I paired white cruise sandals with my Victoria's Secret white jeans, Rainbow off-the-shoulder shirt, and red tank.  I wore the same red purse from Disney (yes... still working on laundry).

 This was another Disney princess inspired day... Ariel! I wore this to school one day.  It was a purple shirt, green skirt, shell necklace, fishtail side braid, and gold shoes.

And my belle outfit from Disney last weekend! I found this dress for $10 at TJ Maxx... So comfy and cute!  I also found sparkly gold sandals in the same shopping trip.  I included a tan purse and clipped a red rose to it.



Half-Baked Ice Cream Cake

This cake was inspired by a recipe seen on pinterest from isavea2z.  Because I was making it for my roommate who's a big half-baked ice cream fan, I decided to make it my own by making it half-baked.

Ingredients needed:  12 ice cream sandwiches half chocolate half vanilla (I used klondike bars... little did I know these were NOT ice cream sandwiches. The cake was still delicious, but this recipe would be much better with the cake-like ice-cream sandwiches), 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 1/2 tablespoons butter, 3 tablespoons white sugar, 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract, 2 tablespoons water, caramel magic shell syrup, chcolate magic shell syrup, 1 tub cool whip.

To do this, I first whipped up some egg-less cookie dough using this recipe from allrecipes.  

Next, I stacked the ice cream sandwiches (klondike bars), filling each layer with chocolate and caramel syrup to make a glue, as well as cookie dough.  I stacked the sandwiches so that one layer was chocolate, one was vanilla, and so-on.

At the end, cover the whole thing in cool whip and drizzle syrup on top.  Finally, sprinkle with the remaining cookie dough.

This was delicious!!!

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad from lifeonleroy

I made this as a dish for a luncheon at school... it was perfect because it didn't need to be re-heated and could just be placed on the conference room table as the lunch was starting.  I followed(ish) the recipe... I doubled it and kind of eyeballed everything... but I would have used WAY less hot sauce. It was a little too hot for my taste, but lots of people loved it.

Not Your Average Fruit Dip from half-baked baker

I made this dip for another event at school.  I subbed out the coffee liquor for Irish cream because... well... I didn't really know the difference.  This was delicious, too!

I also have some amazing bridal shower gifts to share for my future sister-in-law's upcoming shower. It's so exciting, I had to put it in its own post.


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