Sunday, July 22, 2012

Frozen Coffee = Homemade Frapps!

I've been meaning to try out a pin where you freeze your leftover coffee in an ice cube tray.

At first, I saw this as just using those coffee ice cubes in  your iced coffee so it doesn't get watered down, but then I saw a pin where you blend the ice cubes with your favorite coffee creamer to make your own (healthy) frappuccino! 

I tried this yesterday morning with my new blender!!! (Old blender broke... blenderless for a whole 2 weeks and was DYING. My wonderful mom bought me a Ninja blender for my birthday!!!)

I think I needed to blend mine a little more... there was still a coffee cube or two in there at the end, but it was really good on that hot Saturday morning! (Like the touch of the whipped cream? That was just for the picture!)  I also should note that I added a little nonfat milk in there to liquify it a little more instead of using a ton of my yummy hazelnut coffee creamer.

Try this out! It's awesome!

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