Monday, November 18, 2013

Pre-K Week 6: Health and National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Week 6 was mainly focused on staying healthy, including learning about doctors, dentists, washing your hands, and keeping healthy hair.  This went along with Mr. H in our letter people curriculum (he has healthy hair).

For our healthy teeth day, we made toothbrushes by coloring & adding yarn for the bristles:

We also practiced flossing (play-doh out of mega blocks using yarn). The kids absolutely LOVED this and played for all of centers with it.

We also practiced 'brushing teeth' by painting a tooth on butcher paper using a toothbrush.
One other activity that we did with dental hygiene is tooth counting from mydeliciousambiguity. To make this, I just made a mouth and the students added white unifix cubes for teeth based on what number they rolled on a die.

For 'healthy hair' day, we made 'happy healthy hair hats' by adding yarn to a paper plate hat. We also talked about showering every day and using shampoo in your hair.

My favorite was talking about washing hands, and making this 'We Be-Leaf in Hand Washing' poster:

This was a great intro to talking about fall, and by switching colors it gave the students a great chance to practice washing their hands and seeing if they did it correctly (if all the paint was gone). The poster is SO cute and it's been up for 2 months now :)

Thursday was National Talk like a Pirate Day, so we did pirate activities all day. It was so fun!  We started by making pirate hats. I pre-cut out the hats, and the kids decorated them with white crayon and 3D pirate stickers.

We also made pirate faces out of paper plates... these turned out great!

For snack, we had pirate bananas courtesy of a sharpie and colorful napkins :)

At recess, we practiced 'walking the plank' on a balance beam.

And at the end of the day, we had a treasure hunt around the school (using clues from growingkinders), ending in our classroom where they found a pirate sensory bin!


What a great week!


  1. Sometimes I really wish my days could be filled with fun activities like this. I especially love your flossing activity. Not many find flossing fun, so making it that way and teaching them young is so great!

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