Thursday, April 7, 2016

Oh, Baby!

Oh, baby, oh boy!

My first nephew has arrived, and I've made sure to spoil him already!

Of course, this was a chance to test out some new (and already tested and approved) homemade baby gifts, but anything that helps me be the favorite aunt is a plus as well.

Here are some of the baby gifts I've made since I found out about nephew 8 months ago...

We had a mini baby shower when my brother and his wife visited over Thanksgiving, so I made these Month-by-Month onesies, and paired it with a month-by-month frame that I found on amazon.
I had made these onesies back in June of 2014 in this post, for my friend. Back then, I used fabric, but this time I used iron-on vinyl in blue, green, and navy, and a little leftover sparkly gold for the 1 year onesie.

For Christmas, I made a copycat version of some cute onesies we had found in a boutique shop while Christmas shopping...

I used the leftover onesies from the packs I had to buy for the month-by-month project (of course, I couldn't find packs of 3 in each month span). 

First, I made this simple Hashtag Onesie with leftover vinyl.
I think it gets right to the point, don't you?

Next, I made this Where the Wild Things Are Onesie by piecing together pieces of felt and sewing them on (which I had to do when I was at my parents' house for Christmas... no room for a sewing machine in NYC!)
I used some leftover vinyl for the 'wild thing' words.

Today, on my last sick day at home with the flu (yuck!), I finished my first crocheted baby blanket. It's a little rough around the edges (literally), but it's finished, and I did it, and it's all crocheted, and it only took me 8 months. I used this pattern from, which claims to be quick and easy. Oh boy, what's NOT quick and easy?

Finally, I present my pride and joy... the Knitted Harry Potter Baby Blanket inspired by EchoLovelySound on Etsy. I made this blanket by knitting lots of 4"x4" squares in Gryffindor colors, maroon and yellow. 
You'll notice that I ran out of maroon halfway through, and when I went to Michael's to buy more, they didn't have any more of the same color.
So I went to a different Michael's.
Same problem.
So I went to a different Michael's all the way down in Atlanta, Georgia when I was visiting.
And. got. the. wrong. color.
So, I ended up having two different shades of the reds, but it worked out that I could pattern them out. I actually ended up kind of liking the way it turned out, cause it looks more patchy.

I also made a long thin knitted boarder around the outside to pull it together.

I added a hood by knitting a triangle and stitching it to a top corner. It was kind of trial-and-error to knit a triangle that followed the lines of the blanket exactly, but it didn't take too long.
 Once I got to a sewing machine, I sewed a white felt lighting bolt on the hood. I tried to find a lighting bolt patch, but of course there wasn't one.

This is one side of the finished product:

And here's the other. Notice the 'L' on the bottom right of the yellow patch? That's for the baby's first name.

This is the blanket all folded up like it's swaddling a baby:

... too bad I didn't have a baby to test it out on.


Well, that's a taste of things that have past, and things that are to come in this poor boy's life.

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