Sunday, April 3, 2016

Know What I Know - Candy Jars and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookies

Let's talk about the internet.

Through the internet, I have been able to discover endless inspiration for crafting, baking, cooking, and more.

I've learned things. I've seen things. I've discovered things I never would have before. I've connected with people and kept relationships that otherwise would have sizzled away.

You have the knowledge of the whole world at your fingertips.

My friend recently got a job at skillshare, and told me all about it. So, I decided to try it out, and post my very own class.

Because I might as well contribute to the knowledge of the whole world.

I decided to make a candy jar for my friend's birthday, and also one to keep my dog's treats!

Check out my class... there is a special, and you can get 3 months of skillshare premium services for only $0.99 through this link!

 Oh, I also completed Recipe #209 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookies from SprinkleSomeSugar today. I figured these cookies would be delicious when I saw the recipe. I knew the cookies would be delicious when I tasted the dough. Yet, I was still blown away with how delicious these cookies really are.
I mean, who doesn't love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!


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