Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tea for your sore throat, Avocado for your cravings, Soup for your warmth, and Cookies for your Sweet Tooth.

Recipe #205: Lemon Ginger and Honey Tea for a Sore Throat from Somerset Lane: Ever since I moved into our new apartment a few years ago, it seems like I wake up each morning with a sore throat. This recipe for homemade sore throat tea claimed to be 'miracle tea'. I have to say, as soon as I took a sip I could feel it working. It was probably the spiciness of the ginger hitting my throat all the way down, but it was automatic relief, and stayed good for at least 1 week before I finished the whole batch.. It's so easy to make and definitely worth a shot it you have that tickle.

Recipe #206: Zesty Shrimp and Lime Avocado Salad from Skinny Taste: I've been obsessed with avocado lately, and I've finally mastered the 'buy one day and eat three days later' technique for pure avocado perfection.  I saw this recipe for avocado, shrimp, and lime salad, and it seemed perfect. It was very easy to make, especially with cooked frozen shrimp that just required defrosting. The only problem was... I suddenly was out of lime juice and had to use lemon juice in a pinch. I don't think it had quite the same flavor, and I would love to try it again one day by actually following the recipe.

Recipe #207: Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup from Pinch of Yum: In college, we discovered Olive Garden's unlimited soup salad and breadsticks, and I fell in love with their chicken gnocchi soup. This recipe seemed to be pretty close to re-creating it, and I just had to try it out. As usual, the crockpot was impressively effective, and cooked the chicken and soup just right. The soup was amazing and a great warm meal on the last few cold nights of spring. 
Oh, and we might have had to go to Olive Garden here in NYC this week, too (don't judge us!).

Recipe #208: Lofthouse Style Frosted Sugar Cookies from Authentic Suburban Gourmet: The last recipe of the week were these lofthouse-style cookies that claimed to be very close to those delicious frosted cookies they sell in the bakery of most grocery stores. These cookies weren't too complicated to make, but required 2 hours of refrigeration of the dough before baking, the baking was a whole long process, adding the frosting took forever, THEN I read that you have to let the cookies sit for 2-3 hours before eating them to let the flavors settle.
Now, I didn't pay too close of attention to the amount of cookies this recipe would make before I made them, and it ended up being SO MANY COOKIES. At least 60. I was just SO lucky that I happened to make them on a weekend that we had quite a few guests over, so the cookies got taken care of pretty quickly, with just enough left over so hubby and I can savor them over the week. The only problem with there being so many cookies was that, like I said before, it was very time-consuming baking them all in batches, and icing them too.
I didn't have a cookie cutter, so I tried just rolling balls of dough and squishing them down on the pan to make them flat, and it worked really well. Plus, I did them in a pastel pink to celebrate Easter.
Happy Spring! 

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