Sunday, March 20, 2016

Open with care

Since I've been so lousy about posting since last summer, I've missed lots of opportunities to share homemade gifts that I've given to others.

There's not too many to brag about, but enough for a post - so here they are!

For my dad's wedding in August, I etched him a frame in my own handwriting that said 'Dad, of all he walks we've taken together, this one is my favorite. I love you. Amy'. Then, I framed a picture of him and me walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, I didn't wrap it well enough before shipping it and the glass broke in transit.

For the wedding I attended in September (see previous post on the bachelorette party), the couple preferred cash towards their honeymoon, so I folded up the cash to make a bride and groom on top of a cake, then framed it.

For my English friend's birthday in October, I crocheted her a Puff Stitch Slouchy Beanie. I had already made one for myself, so I was able to use the prior information and mistakes to make this one. I actually didn't make it as long so it wasn't necessarily a 'slouchy' beanie, but it was still adorable! This is from Hopeful Honey.
She and I had been sharing our crocheting struggles with each other (I'm usually a knitter), but this crochet stitch was super easy and quick to do.

I put the hat inside an Owl Giftbox that I made from scrap paper and an oatmeal container, inspired by Lisa Storms. I attached a tag that said 'Whoooooo's birthday is it?' (how punny).

I also gave her a framed picture of us at my wedding, with her speech typed out on the matting (she was the maid of honor).

For my friend's birthday in November, I painted some white canvas shoes with a scene from their beautiful sunset wedding in Brooklyn with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

For Christmas, most of the gifts were store-bought and ordered online this year, but a few handmade gifts slipped through.
For my sister-in-law, I framed a picture from her summer wedding in Sonoma Valley, with a map of Sonoma on the matting.

For my English friend for Christmas (even though she didn't get it until I saw her in February), I made her picture coasters with pictures from our summer vacation to Iceland.

By the way, I went to Iceland last summer and saw some of the beautiful sights I've ever seen in my life.

Now my friend can look at those pictures every day!

For my New York friend's birthday in February, I etched her a wine glass with her monogram.

And finally, for myself, I finally got around to painting another Beauty and the Beast Tea set, like I did back in November 2013 for my friend. I love it so much and it makes me happy just to look at it, let alone have a nice warm pot of tea all to myself after school.

Now, that's not all the gifts I made, but for the extra special gifts you'll have to tune in later in the post...
'Oh Baby'

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