Friday, March 11, 2016

Last Night's Dinner ( Recipes 298 & 299)

I've suddenly (and maybe temporarily) rediscovered my love for all things food: cooking, baking, and eating.

I knocked out a few more recipes last night, and we feasted on homemade dinner and dessert.

Recipe #298- Chicken Parmesan Sliders from The Slow Roasted Italian 

I thought these would be a wonderful hit, but they ended up being not as spectacular as I imagined. I can't quite put my finger on it... Maybe I cooked the buns or the chicken too long, didn't add enough butter, or didn't use the right sauce. Whatever it was, they were good enough to fill us for the night, but I won't be dreaming of them at work today. A huge plus was that they were super easy to make, and only took about 20 minutes.
Oh, and they were washed down with:
Recipe #299: Chocolate Lasagna from Center Cut Cook.

The husband was glancing over my shoulder as I was choosing the next dessert victim on Pinterest, and he graciously requested 'summin' puddingy'. This chocolate lasagna is a casserole of goodness, with a cream cheese layer, lots of light fluffy pudding and whipped cream, and a buttery Oreo crust. My only mistake is that I didn't let the cream cheese soften enough, resulting in chunks of cream cheese in the finished product. 

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