Sunday, March 20, 2016

Homemade Pizza and Butterbeer Latte

Oh hey, it's me again. And I'm on a roll. This is, like, my 4th post of the day, and as I was updating my blog earlier, I was also cooking my next recipe.
I'd call it a very successful day, regardless of whether or not I changed out of my pajamas.
Oh, and my taxes still aren't done.

Recipe #203: Homemade Basic Cheese Pizza from

I tried this pizza out by cooking it on a baking sheet, simply because of the fact that I don't own a pizza pan (one day, I shall have a kitchen that holds all the pans, but alas it is not today). This means the pizza crust was probably thicker and more dense than it should have been, since I didn't have enough room to roll it out to a 14" circle. 
But, if the only complaint I have about a recipe comes from my ill-preparation, it must be a pretty damn good recipe. Not too hard, and only took about an hour from start to finish (including baking time and letting the dough rise).

Recipe #204: Butterbeer Latte from Pinterest (original infographic below):

As you can see from the original infographic, I posted this pin to my 'To Do ASAP' board 4 years ago, but only just got around to doing it tonight. I mean, the ingredients were super complicated and hard to find (I'm lying, it was all basic household ingredients), it took forever to make (I'm lying, it literally took 5 minutes), and it sounded disgusting (I'm lying, it sounds amazing). The misleading name of 'latte' makes you think it has coffee, but it's really just like a hot vanilla caramel milk (instead of hot chocolate). I haven't had Butterbeer since my visit to the Wizarding World in 2010, but I wouldn't say the taste is exactly the same. Still, it's delicious and warm and wonderful on this snowy and cold first day of spring. 

I used nonfat milk, but I would suggest using something thicker for extra body. Oh, and I also did a cinnamon-sugar rim, since the recipe was way too easy. 

Cheers, muggles!

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