Sunday, March 20, 2016

300 Recipes In...

I followed my 300th recipe this week, and it was delicious.

And I only have 200 more recipes to tackle before I reach my goal of 500 pinterest recipes.

Did I think about quitting? Of course.
Did I think about revising my goal to conveniently be 300 recipes? Definitely.
Will I make it? Maybe. But I'm certainly trying.

This week,  I made 3 different recipes, on top of having a very NYC event-heavy week including babysitting, a Lincoln Center Play and party, a NYC Soccer game vs Orlando, and helping a friend with wedding favors. Yesterday, we went to the store and bought ingredients for at least 5 more recipes.

Here they are:

Recipe #300: Sausage & Cheese Bread from A Southern Soul -
I had been meaning to try this recipe for awhile, but never got around to it. I finally did, and it was worthy of the honor of being the 300th recipe. It was so moist and savory and filling and delicious. We ended up eating it as a side for dinner or an after-school snack (healthy, I know), but it would be good as a breakfast bread as well!
Please please please please please don't forget to heat up the leftovers before eating (we nuked each piece in the microwave for 30 seconds) for true deliciousness!

Recipe #301: Little Lemon Drops from Butter with a Side of Bread:
I chose this recipe because it seemed simple enough, and I was hoping to get to enjoy the drops all week without fighting over them with my husband (he claims to not like lemon), but [surprise surprise] he loved them too and they were gone in 2 days.
The little bites are sweet and light and perfect for summer (and made our cold spring days a little brighter).

Recipe #302: Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs from Real House Moms:
I whipped these up last night, and they didn't take long at all. Deviled eggs are a popular treat in our house, and the bacon/jalapeno twist was a great addition. When I first made them, the bacon was quite crunchy and added a little too much texture to the yolk mixture, but after I let them sit over night the bacon softened up and they were a little easier to eat.
I wanted to top them with bacon bits and paprika, but after digging through the spice cabinet at 12:30am, I gave up and let them go naked.

In similar news, I've started a crafts/recipes only instagram to share my experiments with the world. Check it out here. (Username: TooManyCraftsTooLittleTime) 

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