Saturday, June 27, 2015

Recipe 281- Salmon Bake

When I moved to New York City,
Almost a year ago now, 
People told me it wouldn't be pretty...
"You'll struggle" they did vow.

I haven't just struggled, I've fought
For 358 days...
Even the little things that I've sought 
Became dragons that I had to slay.

One battle I haven't quite won
Is finding the right food to buy
I find recipes online that look fun
But the store doesn't have what goes inside

For this one I thought I was smart
How hard could fresh fish be to find?
But I felt a pain in my heart
When I had to get the frozen kind.

The filets were flat and blah
And dried out in the oven
They took way to long to thaw
And didn't give me much lovin'

So next time I make this meal
I won't settle for frozen salmon
In a package I have to peel
I'd rather have a night of famine.

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