Saturday, June 27, 2015

End of Year Gifts

The teacher side of me is screaming right now, "Hey, REMEMBER ME?! I EXIST TOO YOU KNOW!"

When I started this blog, it was all about crafting... What I could make, how well, how quickly, and who it was for.

Somewhere along the line I threw some recipes in there.
Then I went a little crazy with a recipe challenge.
Then I started teaching PreK and my blog became a landing place for all the fun projects we were doing at school.
Then I started wedding crafts, and my blog became a jumble of school/recipe/wedding/crafts.
Then I moved to New York, and had no room for extra crafts and curriculum-based worksheets at school that NOBODY would want to read about.
So my creativity began flowing through recipes. 
Recipe after recipe after recipe. 
Then some poetry. 

So now, It's like you know me.
You know the teacher-crafter-wedding planner-baker-cook-poet.
How dynamic this blog is (we're going with 'dynamic' instead of 'a hot mess').

But my school year is now over, and that means I got to sneak in a few fun end-of-year crafts...

Monogrammed Candles:

For my two paras, I bought these candles and cut their initial out from vinyl and stuck it on (after removing the label). Quick, easy, cheap, and cute!
Know what wasn't at all cheap? My punny tag line- "Thanks for helping our students burn brighter this year!"

Student Buckets-

Last year, I gave every student a bucket filled with bubbles and summer fun. This year, I got the student buckets, and turned it into a COMMON CORE ALIGNED WRITING ASSIGNMENT, inclusive of a lesson plan, learning goal, and aim, all which corresponded to their individual learning styles and IEP goals.

They chose a message to write to their friends and signed their name.

This year, I used the buckets to have them out all their work from around the classroom and around the school in. On the last day of school, we went around the classroom and I took down all the work, calling out their names and having them out the work in their bucket. It was a great way to get them to help with wrapping up the year, and they loved looking at everything they had done!
And boy-oh-boy was it a lot of work.

They probably would have preferred the bubbles I have to my PreKers last year.

Finally, I gave each student that I had throughout the year the Kool-Aid/Krazy straw combo (used my first year) that said 'Have a Kool Summer'. 
I'm so glad I have kids who laugh when I tell them to!

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