Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Recipe 255: Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

 Last night I made these Texas Roadhouse Rolls with Cinnamon Honey Butter, but I needed a side of meat to go with the rolls that took 5 hours to make. 

Recipe #255: Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken from

It was good, and it was easy, but it was especially easy since I didn't really measure anything.

Check out the poem below, I hope it's inspiring.


What's the difference
Between a tablespoon
And a serving spoon
When the serving is just as sweet?

What's the difference 
Between a pinch of salt
And a shake of the shaker
When time is of the essence?

What's the difference
Between four minced cloves
And half a jar of garlic
When it's the key ingredient?

What's the difference
Between boneless chicken breasts
And slivers of chicken cutlets
When the price is so much cheaper?

What's the difference 
Between measuring brown sugar
And eyeballing it
When there's less dishes waiting?

What's the difference 
Between following the recipe
And getting close enough
When the dinner is just as good?

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