Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recipe 253 and 254: Texas Roadhouse Rolls and Cinnamon Honey Butter(with more poetry)

Making bread - A poem about a recipe (#253) from EatCakeForDinner

Flour on the counter
Flour on the floor
Flour stuck in places
It's never been before

Flour on my shirt
Flour in my hair
Needless to say
Flour's everywhere 

Dough is way too sticky 
Fingers stuck like clay
Gorilla glue for baking
What is yeast anyway?

Stir it up, mix and mix
Till your muscles ache
Or if you're a clever one 
Just use your Kitchenaid

Let it rest for a while
Timing here is key
The challenge to this step is this:
Times aren't in the recipe!

If that makes you frustrated
A great solution is near -
You'll punch the air out of the dough
And watch your anger disappear

I spent my evening waiting
For the dough to rise
But rise it did refuse to do
"It'll be fine" I surmise

So I stuck it in the oven
Though the pesky dough never rose
And when the timer did go off
I had thirty lovely rolls
Smooth and sweet and fluffy
With wonderful flavor
Take a bite and just enjoy
The taste is one to savor 

Don't skip out on whipping up
Just a drop upon your tongue
Your heart will give a flutter

Making bread is a lot of work
A well-rewarded chore
I'm thinking, though, that next time
I'll just buy it at the store.

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