Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recipe 252: French dip with Au Jus

Beef Au jus
Sandwich and stew
You'll wait in a queue
For a bite or two.
Grab a cold brew
Or maybe a few
Invite your crew
Bring the crockpot too

And cook meat through
8 hours 22
Your impatience grew
As you wait for a clue. 
a scent quite anew
Wafts through your flue
The time is due
To Take a view 
At the brownish goo
And the meats pink hue

That's when you knew
It's time for Au jus.

Now dip and chew
And give a shoo
To all those who 
Claim that they do
Not like French food.

(I bet you never knew
All the rhymes so true 
That are similar to
The phrase Au jus).

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