Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recipe 249: Brown Sugar Cookies with a brown butter icing and a side of poetry

Call me an addict
But you'll catch me baking busily
Keeping myself occupied
On a day that's only drizzly.
After returning home from work
To find the melt-away cookies gone
I had to make a brand new batch 
Think it right or think it wrong.
didn't need the ingredients
Already had the stuff
The secret was the sour cream
That added extra fluff.
Didn't need anything fancy
No frosting tube or cookie cutter
Just sugar, eggs, cream, flour,
Spices And a whole lot of butter.
My favorite part of it all
Was letting the cookies cool
On my new three-tier cooling rack
As their wafting scent made me drool.

I topped them off with just a pinch, 
A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar
An ugly dessert is not as good
As one that is a looker.
But don't forget about the taste
That just melts on your tongue
The extra calories and fat
We're the only thing that stung.

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