Friday, February 27, 2015

Recipes 233 - 238: Amazing seasoned shrimp, Apple cheddar quesadilla, and more

Recipe 233 - Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna Rolls from Rachel Cooks I love making Lasagna rolls because for some reason they just seem so innovative!!! These lasagna rolls had pepperoni that not only made the meat-hungry in the house happy, but also added another notch to my 'pizza themed recipes' I've been gravitating towards lately. They were also doused in a (delicious) homemade tomato sauce. My only change I would make next time is that I accidentally got the turkey pepperoni. There just wasn't enough greasy goodness in those little meat disks for me.

Recipe 234- Cereal Cookies from (the comment at) simple cooking recipes
These cookies have picture directions that are completely void of any words, so I followed the recipe a kind soul left in the comments that was so easy and quick I might just be making these every night... Plus it only involved the microwave! The cookies were delicious. I used cornflakes, and after reassuring hubby about 20 times that yes, I was sure the recipe didn't call for me to blend up the cereal (he always has to double, no, triple, no, what's the word for way too many times check that I'm doing things correctly), we ended with delicious and chewy cookies that were devoured very quickly!

Recipe 235 - Homemade Brownies from Cook Like your Grandmother

Now, I might have made brownies from scratch before, but I certainly don't remember a time off the top of my head. I was amazed at how easy these were to make without a box. The recipe has very few ingredients and therefore stresses the importance of very good quality chocolate like ghirardelli, but I'm broke and love in NYC so I instead went with the nestle chocolate chips I had on hand, and store-brand Cocoa. And guess what? They're delicious. Now, don't ever let me try ones made out of the good stuff.

Recipe 236 - Lemon Italian Shrimp from Pinterest:

The original link to this pin went only to the imgr picture, so I screen-shot the directions for you. Yup, those are the only directions I used for the best shrimp I've ever had in my life. I made these shrimp in a series of recipes I tried out during the week hubby was on a business trip and I had the kitchen to myself, but I kind of feel guilty about that now because of how amazing these shrimp were. But I also don't feel guilty because it means I got to eat these amazing little devils two nights in a row. Shellfish much?
I don't think I needed a whole stick of butter as I dumped a ton down the drain after cooking, but it could have added to the flavor, who knows? I also love all the flavor the lemon-italian dressing mix added to them, next time I might use two lemons!!! Trust me, there WILL be a next time.
Oh, I also think it's important to note that I used frozen shrimp for this instead of the fresh shrimp the recipe called for. Cause, ya know, the whole broke-living-in-NYC thing. And they turned out great! I just thawed them before sprinkling the seasoning to make sure it stuck.

Recipe 237: Apple Cheddar Quesadillas from Vegetarian Cooking

One of the first things you will learn about me if you meet me is that I love fruit and cheese. Grapes and cheese especially. I like putting two grapes and a piece of cheese in my mouth at the same time and let the flavors mix - I think of it as cold fondue. 
I'm by sure why people learn this so quickly about me, but for some odd reason it just always comes up...
Anyways, another love is Granny Smith apples, and adding those apples to my sandwiches, such as a turkey Brie panini (yum!) so when I saw the recipe for this apple cheddar quesadilla I knew I would have a hit.
I smothering my quesadillas in sour cream, but that didn't seem right for this purpose. Lucky for me, I just happened to accidentally order a huge carton of greek yogurt from the online grocery, and this was the perfect chance to use some of it. So, I had my amazing quesadilla with apples and cheddar dipped in greek yogurt drizzled with honey.
Because what isn't better drizzled with honey?

Recipe 238 - Quiche Toast Cups from

I'm a quiche fan, but the hubby isnt, so it's rare I make a quiche. These little cups seemed like the perfect little portioned solution. Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the recipe, but I also didn't exactly use the fresh bread it called for, but instead the loaf that had been sitting in my fridge for two weeks (broke, NYC, you know the drill). My favorite part about this recipe wasn't how easy and pastry-less the little bites were, but instead that I was able to use up all my little bits and bobs from my fridge to fill them. Three of the cups I filled with spinach and mozzarella, while the other three I filled with cheddar and leftover ham cold cuts.
Mine took much longer to cook than called for (like double the time), but that always happens to me with quiches.

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